6 Facts Every Realtor Should Know About Home Staging

by Dusty Rhodes on Jul 11, 2018  in 
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Selling a home comes with a variety of challenges.  From pricing the property right, listing it, showing it, and all of the details in between, selling a home can be an exhausting process.  One of the best ways to sell a home fast and get a premium price is to stage the home.  A well- staged home showcases the home’s best features and helps to attract a wide variety of buyers.  In order to ensure that your home is staged properly, we have compiled a list of important facts about home staging. 

Staging Is Not Just for the Interior

When you are trying to sell a home, you want to entice the buyer from the moment they pull in the driveway.  The exterior of your home is the buyer’s first impression of your property. That’s why it is so important to pay close attention to your home’s curb appeal.  A beautiful, well-maintained home will invite buyers inside and peak their interest.  Most buyers will do a drive-by of your home prior to the showing so entice them with a nicely manicured and landscaped yard. 

Part of Staging is Depersonalizing the Home

While those portraits of your children and your family vacation photos lining the bookshelves might be your most prized possessions, they will be distracting for buyers.  Part of home staging requires depersonalizing your home and removing those personal items.  You want buyers to be able to fully envision their own family living in the home and that can be difficult if your personal photographs are all over the house. 

Staging is Meant to Showcase Your Home’s Best Features

Oftentimes homeowners end up hiding their home’s best assets when the home isn’t properly staged.  Covering up beautiful flooring with a giant rug or making a large room appear smaller because of huge furniture are just a few of the ways that a home can be misrepresented.  A home stager will be able to make adjustments that will bring out the best elements of the home. 

Staging Doesn’t Require Expensive Renovations

It’s important not to confuse home staging with the updates recommended by the realtor.  Sure, there are simple and inexpensive things that sellers can do to update their homes.  This might include paint, changing a few light fixtures, changing cabinet hardware, or making small repairs.  However, home staging involves more of the decorative elements of the home such as furniture placement, accent pieces, planting flowers, etc. 

Home Staging Gets You More for Your Home

Everyone wants the same things when selling their home: a quick sale and a great price.  A professionally staged home can make this happen.  There are so many details that go into staging a home and a professional will be able to come in and get your home in tip top shape.  This will increase your chances for selling your home quickly.  Furthermore, a well-staged home gives buyers the impression that the home has been well-cared for, enticing them to pay a little more for the property. 

Homes Should Also be Staged for Virtual Appeal

You might not even stop to think about how your home will photograph or how it will look in a 360 degree virtual view.  However, just about every buyer these days will see your home online before they ever schedule a showing.  With the convenience of modern technology, homebuyers have the luxury of shopping for homes from the comforts of their living room.  Their first look at your home is going to be virtual so you want your home to photograph well.  Bulky furniture, bright colors, or cluttered décor can really take away from your home’s virtual appeal.  Home stagers not only make sure your home looks great in person, but they also make sure it looks equally as stunning on the internet.

Dusty Rhodes