The Impact Staging Your House Will Have on Selling Your Home

by Dusty Rhodes on May 21, 2018  in 

In your eyes, your home may appear beautiful, immaculate, and stylish but the reality is that not everyone is going to see it the same way.  When you have been living in your home for a while, you often overlook little things that might really stand out to someone new such as tiny cracks in the wall, floors that need polishing, or cabinets that need cleaning.  The lighting might appear dreary to potential buyers or they might find all of your accessories to look like clutter.  More often than not, potential buyers are turned off by these little nuances and they can make it more difficult to sell your home.  Selling or buying a home is one of the biggest investments anyone can make so it is important to make sure your home is presented well.  One of the best ways to improve the appearance of your home and increase your chances to sell is home staging…and here’s why.

Less is More When it Comes to Clutter!
Most people can admit that our daily lives give way to a certain amount of clutter.  There might be a little stack of mail sitting on the counter or car keys and cell phones on our bedside tables.  We oftentimes have an assortment of appliances lining our kitchen countertops and plenty of cleaning supplies in the bathrooms.  While this may appear functional to you, to potential buyers it might suggest lack of cabinet space.  Large pieces of furniture in the living room might be your idea of comfort, but all buyers are seeing is a room that looks much smaller than it really is.  The fact is clutter can alter one’s perception of your home.  Staging is a great way to eliminate the clutter and let the best qualities of your home really stand out.

Buyers can Envision the Property as their Own
Staging uses design techniques that allow buyers to walk into the home and envision themselves living there.  It creates a space that allows buyers to make an emotional connection to the home.  This can be difficult if a buyer walks into a home adorned with family photos, personal collections, or souvenirs from all of your travels.  In this case the home speaks to you but it will not speak to buyers.  The goal of staging is to remove the personal touches from the home so it will appear to everyone else.  

Show Off What Your Home Has to Offer
 The goal of staging is to present your home in its best light.  This might mean rearranging a few pieces of furniture, putting some furniture in storage temporarily, and removing some of the home’s décor and clutter.   However, rearranging and decluttering the home will allow buyers to see the true potential of your home.  Rooms will appear larger, closets seem more spacious, and spaces look ideal for entertaining.  Staging allows you to highlight your home’s best qualities in order to entice buyers.

Dusty Rhodes