A Comparison Between PODS® and SMARTBOX

by Dusty Rhodes on May 15, 2018  in 

As the demand for storage increases, so do the choices for storage companies.  There are a number of companies trying to provide storage solutions but not all of them offer the same convenience and amenities as their competitor.  Whether you are moving, downsizing, completing a home renovation, or just in need of a little extra storage space, there are countless reasons why you might be interested in renting a storage container.  SMARTBOX and PODS® are two of the biggest portable storage companies so let’s take a closer look at how they compare so you can make an informed choice when selecting portable storage that is right for you. 

●When it comes to selecting a portable storage company, one of the first questions on every customer’s mind is “How much does it cost?” SMARTBOX is the only company to offer transparent pricing up front.With SMARTBOX, you know exactly how much you will be paying and the price never changes.Unlike PODS®, there is no teaser price that will go up after the first month’s rent. This is important because moving can be expensive and SMARTBOX makes it easy to budget your expenses.

●SMARTBOX doesn’t believe in hidden fees and extra charges.While PODS® adds additional fuel surcharges to the rental price, SMARTBOX does not. Both companies include the door-to-door transportation in their price.Furthermore, SMARTBOX offers a price-match guarantee which PODS® does not.

●Another important factor when renting portable storage is size and accessibility.SMARTBOX offers conveniently sized units that are 8’x7’x5’, while the PODS® units are smaller.This extra space allows you to store up to a room and a half of belongings.This will save you a great deal of time and money. While the containers for both companies are equipped with ground level loading and unloading capabilities, only SMARTBOX units allow you to compartmentalize your move and store your items separately.This means you can organize your items by room and you don’t have to worry about storing lawn equipment next to your mattress. This convenient feature also makes unpacking a breeze because you can easily find the items you are looking for.

●With both PODS® and SMARTBOX, you get 30 days of storage included in your price so there is no need to rush.

●If you are planning to pack your entire home you are going to require more than one unit.Unlike PODS®, SMARTBOX can deliver multiple units in a single trip.This is an added convenience that will save loads of time on your move.

When compared with other storage companies, SMARTBOX provides extra amenities and smart solutions that set them apart from the rest.  The convenience and affordability offered by SMARTBOX is unmatched.  From their transparent pricing and monthly specials to their spacious containers and breathable units, SMARTBOX is simply the smarter choice.




Dusty Rhodes