The Top Misconceptions About Using a Portable Storage Unit

by Dusty Rhodes on Apr 27, 2018  in 

The portable on-site storage market is more popular than ever and is full of choices, but for those who aren’t familiar with the ins and outs of portable storage, they might stumble upon a few misconceptions while trying to get more information about it.  To better understand the benefits of portable storage, here is just a short list clarifying some of the most common misconceptions.

They are one size fits all
Not true.  Different companies offer various sizes of portable storage units so you can find the size that is most suitable for your needs.  Don’t worry…you won’t be paying for space you don’t need.  Smaller sized storage containers are available as well as large pods that are suitable for moving an entire house. 

They are more expensive than hiring movers
Hiring professional movers can cost thousands of dollars, not to mention all of the extra fees and charges that aren’t included.  Portable storage units offer convenient storage and delivery services for one convenient price.  You have the luxury of packing at your own pace and you will be paying much less than you would if you hired a moving company.  Portable storage units are a cost-effective solution for moving.

They are only useful when moving
Believe it or not there are tons of uses for portable storage units.  They are ideal for college students who are moving out of the dorm for the summer because the pods can be picked up and stored at a storage facility during the summer months.  They are perfect for businesses who need a little extra storage space.  They are a great solution for construction sites, where workers are in need of storing equipment.  As you can see, there are lots of other creative uses for portable storage units, other than just moving.

My belongings might get damaged or stolen
You can rest easy knowing that your belongings will be secured and well protected in a portable storage unit.  Their interior structure is built to withstand extreme temperatures, water, bugs, and mildew.  You can also lock your portable storage unit for added security. 

I will be tired from loading all of my own boxes
Actually, portable portable storage units are designed with you in mind!  Customers will find that moving and packing is less time consuming and less exhausting because you have the freedom to work at your own pace.  Since you can keep the containers as long as you need, you can pack and unpack at your leisure, making moving much less stressful and less tiring.

The container will have to sit in my driveway for months
As if storage delivered right to your door wasn’t convenient enough, there is also a solution for people who require long-term storage.  If your house is being remodeled or you plan to paint and complete a few projects before moving in you can do so without that large container sitting in your driveway.  Many portable storage companies will conveniently deliver your portable storage unit to their storage facility where it will remain safe and secure in a temperature controlled storage unit for as long as you need.



Dusty Rhodes