7 Clever Ways to Store Your Children’s Toys

by Dusty Rhodes on Nov 15, 2017  in 
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If you just moved into your new home you are probably super excited about getting your home organized and putting everything in its place.  This isn’t so bad when it comes to organizing the kitchen, but toys are a completely different story!  Kids are constantly pulling them out and moving them around so how can you possible keep your toys neatly organized?  It is so tempting to purchase a few toy boxes and just throw everything inside but the reality is you will be left with a box full of random pieces and toys that the kids will never play with. Instead, there are a number of creative ways to store kids’ toys so your house does not feel like it’s been completely taken over by toys.  Here are 7 clever toy storage ideas that will keep your new home neat and clutter free.

Pencil Pouches for Puzzles
Puzzles make excellent educational toys but nothing is more frustrating than pulling out an adorable puzzle only to find that half of the pieces are missing.  Hold on to all of those puzzle pieces by placing them inside pencil pouches.  Neatly stack the puzzles on a shelf and place the pencil pouches in a cute storage bin.

Shoe Organizers Make Great Toy Organizers
Shoe organizers are a super versatile and inexpensive idea for toy storage.  You can use them to neatly store away action figures, Barbie dolls, or Matchbox cars.   It also makes the toys easily accessible for children making clean up a breeze! Simply hang it over a closet door, close the door, and your toys are neatly tucked away.

Mason Jars for Craft Supplies
No more stressing over where to keep all of those crayons, markers, paintbrushes, pencils, scissors, and glue sticks.  Grab some cute mason jars and fill them with all of your favorite craft supplies.  If you don’t have mason jars, simply clean out some old pasta jars.

Wood Crates for Books
Paint an old wooden crate in your child’s favorite color and add some wheels to the bottom.  Fill it with children’s books and you have an easy and super accessible way to store them. 

Stackable Containers
The best thing about stackable containers is that they come in just about every shape and size.  These are the perfect way to organize Legos by color and keep those tiny pieces neatly stored away.  You can also use larger stackable containers for just about any other small toys and add a cute label to keep everything in its place.

Make the Most of Shelving
Shelves are a great way to organize toys.  Grab some cute canvas, wicker, or colorful plastic bins, and fill them with your children’s favorite toys.  Label each bin to keep everything in its place and neatly stack the bins on shelves for a stylish and simple way to store just about any toy!  This is also the perfect place for board games.

Hampers for Large Toys
Need a home for all of those stuffed animals, bats, balls, and ride on toys?  Grab a couple of colorful hampers and load them up with all of your bulky toys.  They are easy to move and short enough that even the littlest hands can reach inside.

Don’t let your house succumb to the toy clutter!  Storing your kids toys has never been easier (and more fun) than with these simple yet clever storage ideas.  Keep your new home neat and orderly by using these ideas for your child’s bedroom or playroom.  

Dusty Rhodes