4 Pieces of Advice When Preparing For Your First Move

by Dusty Rhodes on Sep 25, 2017  in 
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As the sold sign gets placed into your front yard, the realization that you are about to move finally sinks in.  For first time movers, this can be an overwhelming feeling.  As your excitement mounts about moving into your new home, so too, does the reality of everything that has to get done. Despite common perception, moving can actually be an enjoyable experience.  Here are 4 pieces of advice that can help first time movers focus on celebrating this new adventure instead of focusing on stress and exhaustion. 

1. Preparation is Essential
Anyone with plenty of moving experience knows that preparation is the key to a successful move.   You should start by compiling a To Do List. This is a great way to simplify the moving process and break it down step by step.  This will allow you to work through the moving process one step at a time, marking off each task as it is accomplished.  This will also give you a better idea of what needs to be done and when.  As  part of your preparations, you should also calculate your moving costs, stock up on plenty of moving supplies, hire a moving company, and begin packing right away.

2. Do Not Procrastinate
This is the biggest mistake people make when moving.  Despite what you might think, the entire house cannot be packed in a couple of nights.  Instead of waiting until the last minute to start packing, you should start as soon as you know you are moving.  Pack one room each night (saving the kitchen for last) until finally your whole house is packed and ready to go.  Not only will this alleviate a great deal of stress come moving day, but it will allow time for other tasks that also need to be completed such as cleaning the house. 

3. Hire the Right Moving Company
Hiring a professional moving company can save you a lot of time, work, and hassle.  However, it is important to do your research and make sure you hire the right company.  Ask friends and family for recommendations and narrow your search down to just a couple of companies.  Then, ask each company to come and give you an in-home estimate.  Be sure to ask about insurance as well, to ensure that your belongings will be covered during packing and transport. You should hire your moving company well in advance so you can make sure they are available on the date of your move. 

4. Take the Time to Pack Right
It might seem like it would save a great deal of time to just pile your belongings in boxes and tape them up, but the fact is you will end up with disarray and lots of damaged items if you choose that method.  Instead, take the time to pack correctly.  Choose the right size boxes and put heavy items in small boxes and lighter items in larger ones.  Also, be sure and wrap fragile items in bubble wrap or packing paper to prevent damage.  Finally, label all boxes so then can be placed in the correct rooms for easy unpacking.  Packing the right way will help you to stay organized and it will also ensure that your belongings will remain safe and secure during the move.

Moving for the first time can cause a great deal of stress and exhaustion if you are not prepared.  This advice is meant to help you stay focused and organized in order to enjoy a stress-free moving experience.

Dusty Rhodes