Ways to Keep the Kids Entertained on a Long Road Trip

by Dusty Rhodes on Aug 07, 2017  in 
  • Moving with Kids

It’s finally time to take your family vacation and although excitement is mounting for all the fun you are going to have, parents might be dreading the long road trip with the kids. Naturally, kids love exploring and playing so when they are confined to a car for several hours it can become quite exhausting for parents.  After all, we have all listened to the familiar phrase, “Are we there yet?”  Fortunately, there are several great ideas for keeping the kids occupied during long road trips.  Here are a few fun options that can help you arrive at your destination peacefully. 

Movies, of Course!
TV and movies are everywhere these days, on cell phones, tablets, airplanes, restaurants, and even in some restrooms!  If you are going on a long road trip, never underestimate the power of on-screen entertainment.  Pack some favorite kid-approved cartoons and movies and you will be surprised how quickly the drive time will pass.  If you do not have an entertainment system built it to your car, you can purchase a DVD player that attaches to the headrests or you can watch movies on a laptop or tablet.

Electronic Games
These pocket sized gaming systems are a great way to keep kids entertained in the car.  They might not be the most creative idea, but they are interactive and fun for kids, which means peace and quiet for Mom and Dad!

The License Plate Game
Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned car game?  The License Plate Game has been a family favorite for years and has a couple of fun variations.  One way to play is to see which state each license plate is from and write it down.  At the end of the games, whichever player spotted a license plate from the most states is the winner.  Another way to play is to look at the letters on each license plate and try to come up with a phrase using those letters.  For example, if the license plate reads “OEF” you might say that it stands for “Orange Elephant Farm.”  You will have everyone laughing in this hilariously fun family favorite.

Here is your chance to sing like a superstar!  This entertaining activity will have the whole family engaged as you belt out your favorite songs together.  This is perfect for any age too! Babies and toddlers love listening to nursery rhymes, while older kids will have a ball singing their favorite Disney tunes or kid appropriate chart toppers. 

Coloring Books
Your artsy little ones might enjoy creating a colorful masterpiece to pass the time in the car.  There are plenty of nifty portable art sets that will keep all of their art supplies organized as they drive.  A lap desk is also a perfect accessory for coloring and drawing. 

Summer road trips are the perfect time for your child to get their summer reading assignments completed.  Take your child to the library before the trip and let them pick out their own books.  They will be so excited to begin reading the books they have chosen! 

20 Questions
It’s time to get the kids thinking with this fun guessing game.  In this game the players chooses a specific person, place, or thing.  After the person has chosen their answer, the guessing begins!  Each player takes a turn asking a “yes” or “no” question in attempt to figure out what the answer is.  The players continue asking questions until someone gets the correct answer or the number of guesses reaches 20.  Once 20 questions have been used up, the players must make one final guess.  This is a great game for all ages!

These games are great for kids of all ages and will make traveling a much more enjoyable experience for everyone.  When the car is packed and the kids are buckled, don’t forget about these traveling tips to keep the kids entertained on the road trip.  

Dusty Rhodes