If Your Furniture Does Not Fit, Try Storage

by Dusty Rhodes on Mar 25, 2016  in 
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One of the key elements to working a brand new puzzle, is knowing that all of the pieces in the box fit together. The same thinking is often applied when someone purchases a new home. The overall hope is that all of your furniture and belongings will fit, but what happens if you move into your new place of residence and your furniture is too big, the wrong shape or style? What happens when you find yourself looking for the answer to a puzzle that seems like it cannot be solved? The good news is that there is a solution to this puzzle, and it comes in the form of storage.

For many,  the useful benefits that storage units offer, help to make their lives not only less cluttered, but also more manageable. So how can storage help you? Storage can help in both large and small ways. From allowing you to gain more space in your apartment to helping you rearrange the space you have in your house, storage provides a way for you to remove clutter from your home

Space Reallocation
If you live in a smaller sized apartment, but you have large, bulky pieces of furniture, try getting a storage unit so you can still keep your furniture, without losing space in your apartment. While you may have to make adjustments and get furniture that fits, you will avoid having to immediately part with furniture pieces that may have special meaning or value. Storage enables you to keep all of your larger, bulkier pieces of furniture until you move out of your apartment and into a larger place or home.

Often times, large pieces of furniture can make an apartment feel smaller and more confined. The immediate benefits to getting a storage unit are increased space within your apartment so it appears larger and less restricted. You can actually add more living space to your apartment simply by moving out furniture that just doesn’t fit.

Storage can be used on a temporary or long term basis and in most cases, you can find great offers and storage that are ideal for your specific storage needs. 

New Design
Maybe you have decided to do some redecorating in your home, but your current furniture no longer fits the new décor you seek. Instead of throwing out your existing furniture, consider getting a storage unit. You might discover that you want to change up your home décor style again, and your existing pieces of furniture might be ideal for that look.  

Perhaps you want to add a different color of paint to your home. Your current furniture is still practically new, but it doesn’t fit with the new paint color.  Instead of getting rid of your furniture, place it in storage. This will give you the option to change your furniture back out if you decide to make another paint color change.

Why should you stay puzzled, trying to figure out what to do with furniture that does not fit, when you can solve the issue easily with great storage options. The possibilities are endless with storage, offering you the opportunity to have the perfect fit for all of your furniture pieces.

Control Clutter
Adding too much furniture into your home can create a cluttered and tight living space. While you may want to display each piece and work it into your décor, sometimes all of your furniture just won’t fit. If you find that you have problems getting around in your home because of too much furniture, it may be time for you to consider getting a storage unit.  

A storage unit will help you to clear away dangerous furniture situations where you have to squeeze past certain areas or walk around sharp edges sticking out from furniture corners with minimal room. Storage will allow you to place certain pieces of furniture into storage so you can free up additional room and space in your home, making it both safe and clutter free in the process.

We hope that these storage solutions will help you, and if you would like additional storage ideas or access to storage resources, visit our Blog or our Storage page.

Dusty Rhodes