Preparing For A Home Inspection? Try Storage

by Dusty Rhodes on Feb 23, 2016  in 
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Home inspections are completed for a variety of reasons. From placing your home on the market to having your home checked for interior or exterior issues, home inspections provide you with real time evaluations on the condition of your home.

To get the most out of your home inspection, there are a few ways you can prepare in advance to make sure your home is easily accessible for your inspection. For example, if you have a lot of clutter around your home, blocking areas that will be checked during your home inspection, consider these helpful storage tips that will help make your home inspection easier and clutter-free.

Ease of Access
Since home inspectors examine several different areas of a home, it is important for access to be granted to those areas. Common home inspection areas include heating and cooling systems, roofs, attics, windows, doors, outlets, vents and various other areas. If for whatever reason there are items obstructing the inspection process, it can interfere with the home inspector’s work, as well as the results of your home inspection. A good tip is to make sure that you familiarize yourself with some of the areas that will be checked so that you can clear away any items that may pose an issue with accessibility for a home inspector. This will help to alleviate some of the stress and hassle that might occur, if items need to be moved out of the way in the middle of the inspection.

If you have large pieces of furniture blocking areas that will be inspected, but you have no way to move the furniture to another area of the house, utilize the benefits that storage provides. Not only will you provide ease of access in the home, but you will clear away clutter in the process and free up space in your home. 

Hidden Issues
Underlying issues that may be present in your home can sometimes go unnoticed if too many items are hiding the problem. From vents that aren’t properly circulating air, due to blockage by a large sofa, to an outlet that has gone bad from a cord hidden by a desk, issues in the home can easily be hidden if space is not properly allocated and distributed. If this sounds like something you have experienced in your home, the good news is, storage can help. To free up space around vents and outlets that are blocked by various items in your home, consider using storage. Storage can help you to solve the issue instead of simply recreating the issue in another area of your home. This will benefit your home inspection experience, and help you to receive a more accurate report on the condition of your home.

An organized home is a plus, especially when it comes to a home inspection. Homes that are filled with too much clutter, make for a disorganized home appearance, and can contribute to items being overlooked or not checked due to the lack of organization in the home. If your home is disorganized, and you have a hard time locating important documents, warranties, repair papers and other items that may be needed at certain times, it could delay processes such as inspections and more.

A helpful tip is to keep your home as organized as you can without losing its functionality. Store away items that you have not used in the last five months, since that is a good indication that they are not needed at the present moment. What you will gain is an organized, clutter-free home, ready for a home inspection if you need it.

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Dusty Rhodes