Storage Solutions: SMARTBOX VS. PODS®

by Dusty Rhodes on Feb 05, 2016  in 
  • Portable Storage
Smartbox Dimensions

SMARTBOX is dedicated to providing smart, quality moving and storage solutions. This year, we will continue to provide you with resources that are informative, helpful and geared towards making your moving and storage experience as convenient as possible. Last year, we explored some of the differences between our moving and storage services and how they compare to competitor resources. As we embark on another new year, we will continue to provide you with additional comparisons that highlight how SMARTBOX compares to other moving and storage companies, as well as, offer helpful tips on how you can utilize our moving and storage resources in various aspects of your home, business or personal moving and storage needs.

As we continue to explore the differences between SMARTBOX and PODS®, we decided to take a closer look at some of the ways SMARTBOX and PODS®, differ in local storage options and services. With the demand for storage constantly increasing, more individuals and businesses are seeking out ways they can add additional space to their living and office space. While traditional storage options offer land based service, portable storage is in high demand due to its convenience and flexibility. While both SMARTBOX and PODS® are designed to provide direct storage delivery to your door, each company varies in storage options and additional resources.

SMARTBOX portable storage containers come in one size, making it easy to know exactly what size storage unit you will receive for your storage needs. PODS® does offer three different sizes of storage units; however, each size may not always be available at every local PODS® storage facility due to service area offerings, inventory and demand.

As mentioned in a previous comparison, part of what makes SMARTBOX effective is our ability to offer that individualized feel and attention you may not always receive from storage companies servicing too many service areas, too many customers, and offering too many other types of storage and moving resources. We keep it simple with one size, making it easier for us to let you know beforehand what type of storage you will receive. You are always welcome to rent as many storage units as you need, and since each SMARTBOX storage unit is the exact same size, they easily fit together on our transport mechanism. Sometimes when storage units are a combination of different sizes, they may not all fit on a transport vehicle due to their different dimensions; an issue that may or may not arise with another storage provider.


Dusty Rhodes