Changing Your Seasonal Inventory? Five Ways Storage Can Help

by Dusty Rhodes on Sep 24, 2015  in 
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As we move closer to the fall of the year, it will be that time again for many retailers and business owners to update and change their seasonal inventory. One of the easiest ways to transition out your inventory without cluttering your business is to utilize seasonal inventory. If you are a business owner or retailer and you need additional space to change out your seasonal displays, storage can help.

Here are some SMART tips designed to help you change your seasonal inventory with ease:

SMART Tip 1:  Use a storage unit

Using a storage unit is a great way to maximize your inventory for both the current season and the incoming season. One, you stay current with the incoming fall trends and two, you allow yourself the opportunity to store overflow inventory in case you run out of room trying to meet consumer demand.

A storage unit is secure, temperature controlled and can become a great extension of your business providing you with all the resource space you need for a great new season.

SMART Tip 2: Fall cleaning

We usually hear the term, “spring cleaning” but preparing for fall is just as important, especially if your inventory has become cluttered or disorganized. Customers want to be able to see the newest trends for the fall, and cleaning up your inventory helps with that. If you have good inventory on hand, that you would like to utilize later, but you need room to bring in your fall displays, place the other items into storage so you can keep up with the current fall competition.

SMART Tip 3: Room to work

Space can often become an issue when it comes to having adequate work space to create new displays, place items that are currently taking up space into storage so that you will have enough room to work on fall displays and added inventory.

Storage can become a temporary staging area, giving you the option to move items in and out of storage as needed, while keeping the look and feel of your retail area clean and organized.

SMART Tip 4: Distribution resource

Since seasonal inventory items often come in bulk batches, storage provides a way for you to order more inventory for your business needs. This will help you to avoid having to wait on additional inventory to be shipped to you or delays in inventory that may be out of stock due to large demand. By having some of your seasonal inventory in storage, you always maintain an extra supply of inventory, and the ability to stay up to date with all of the seasonal trends.

SMART Tip 5: Convenience

As summer winds down and the onset of fall approaches, storage allows space and room to prepare for fall in advance. Most retailers do not want to have to wait until the last minute to introduce their fall items for lack of space issues and storage space allows inventory to be added ahead of the incoming season. This is another great way to remain competitive and stay up to date with changing your seasonal inventory.

We hope that these storage tips will help you with all of your seasonal storage needs this fall, and if you would like to check out our additional helpful storage tips, visit our Storage page.

Dusty Rhodes