How to Organize Your Move in Five Easy Steps

by Dusty Rhodes on Jun 23, 2015  in 
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With all of the steps that go into the moving process, it helps to have a good plan that will help you to organize each part of your move. From starting with a good checklist to making sure that you have all of the appropriate equipment, moving involves several factors that all need to be addressed in order to have an organized move.

Here are some great SMART tips that will help you to organize your move:

Step 1: Make a Checklist

One of the easiest ways to organize a move is knowing what you have and what you are moving. A great starting point is to make out a checklist. Your checklist should be split into detailed sections by room so that you know exactly what you have to pack and where those items will go.  Having a good idea of what you have and what you need to move will allow you to know what types of moving equipment and resources you need in order to complete your move. A checklist allows you to maintain a constant point of reference so that you can make sure you don’t forget to complete certain parts of your move.

Step 2:Create a Moving File

Setting up a moving file is a great way to keep track of where you currently stand within your moving process. Whether you create an online file or use a paper filing system, it is important to keep track of important papers, dates and information for your move. A filing system will give you a detailed account of the progress you have made, and supply you with a great resource for keeping your move organized. With all of your papers and important information readily available, you will appreciate the benefits of great filing for your move.

Step 3: Lock in Resources

Having the appropriate tools to complete your move is an important part of the moving process. In fact, there is nothing worse than arriving to the day of your move, only to find that you do not have all of the moving resources you need. Organize all of the tools you need into sections so that you can ensure that you have each item covered.

Start with securing a mode of transportation so that you know how your items will be transported. Enlist help so that you can organize times for everyone to arrive so that your move will not be delayed while you wait for moving assistance to arrive. Make sure that each person and resource you have to work with during your move is aware of your move date and when you will need all resources made available. From utilities to cable, locking in all of your resources will enable you to have an easier and more organized move.

Step 4: Proper Tools and Equipment

Moving often involves the assembly and reassembly of various pieces of furniture and electronics. By having the proper tools and equipment on hand prior to your move, you will benefit from an easier moving experience. Whether you are trying to decide what type of moving vehicle to rent to knowing how many moving boxes you will need, having the appropriate moving resources will help your move to go faster, smoother and more organized in the process.

In advance of your move, take the time to note items that will need to be taken apart such as beds, large tables and various electrical equipment. Have a tool box on hand so that you won’t run into the issue of having to stop and buy the supplies you need to continue your move.

Step 5: Have Backup Resources

Having extra resources for a move is often overlooked because of the detail and cost that usually goes into the primary items needed. Making simple additions to your moving process can help to keep your move organized and positive. Buy extra moving supplies. Even if you think you have enough, it is easier to be organized with all of the supplies you need than with a fraction of them.

Make allowances for mishaps. Chances are you may run into an issue that was not planned for your move, in which case, you acquire unexpected expenses. Create an emergency moving fund and include that into your moving budget. Only spend it if needed, and have the reassurance that it is available for you so that your move can stay on course and not be incomplete.

Reserve extra supplies. This is a great way to make sure that you have everything you need for your move, and it will help you to stay well stocked and organized during the moving process. 

Hopefully, all of these tips will help you as you organize your next move, and if you would like additional moving tips, visit our Moving page.

Dusty Rhodes