How to Safely Pack Your Storage Unit

by Dusty Rhodes on Jun 05, 2015  in 
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Storage units are great for storing extra belongings and furniture. From sofas to unused appliances, storage can really help you to get organized, but it is important to stay safe in the process. How you pack your storage unit can mean all the difference between a peaceful trip home to making an unplanned stop at the emergency room.

Here are a few SMART tips that will help you to safely pack your storage unit and enjoy the benefits of storage.

SMART Tip 1: Proper lighting

Packing your storage unit during the day is ideal, but if you have to pack your storage unit at night, be sure to have proper lighting so that you can see where you are walking and placing items. Good lighting allows you to see what is in front of you so you avoid walking into objects. Having proper lighting in your unit also enables you to find items easier, so that you do not have to spend a lot of time searching for items you can’t locate.  

SMART Tip 2: Safe stacking/Item placement

Stack items carefully in your storage unit so that nothing heavy will fall on top of you. It may seem innocent enough to reach for an item stored below a heavy box, only to have a large box fall on your foot or even worse, your head. Be careful not to place items that have sharp corners or edges into the path you must walk through. This is an important safety practice to help you avoid potential cuts and bruises. Avoid reaching too high for items in your storage unit without a good, sturdy step stool or ladder. Aim for choosing storage units that provide you with the ability to load at ground level, and storage units with lower ceilings for safer reaching.


SMART Tip 3: Keep a clear path within your unit

Having a pathway to access and remove items from your storage unit is an important safety practice. This will enable you to enter your storage unit without tripping and hurting yourself on stored contents. Equally, you will be able to pack and retrieve items without having to spend extra time moving items out of the way.

SMART Tip 4: Leave your storage door open while packing

While many storage units come with temperature controlled protection, it is still a good idea for you to leave your storage door open while you load items. This will provide you with a constant supply of fresh air to help make packing your unit easier. If you are loading your storage unit during the hot, humid months, this will help you to stay cooler so you will not be closed off within the unit.

Hopefully, all of these storage tips will help you to stay safe as you pack your storage unit, and for additional storage tips, check out our Storage page.

Dusty Rhodes