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by Dusty Rhodes on Mar 11, 2015  in 
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For many college students, having enough storage space often becomes an issue. From collecting items during the academic year, to receiving packages from home, extra accumulation of belongings means less living space. Add a couple of roommates into that scenario, with their own additional items, and you find yourself suddenly searching for extra room. One of the ways you can solve this issue is by getting a storage unit. A storage unit can be beneficial whether you live on or off campus, and it can help you to avoid a semester of Clutter 101.

Here are a few tips to help you save space:

On Campus If you are a college student living on campus, and you do not have enough space in your dorm, storage is a great solution. In fact, portable storage can be of great help because you can pack up your items directly from your dorm, and avoid the added cost of renting a moving truck. Your items can then be transported directly to the storage facility, freeing up space for you, as well as your roommates. As an added tip, check with your roommates to see if they want to share a storage unit with you. This way, if you feel you don’t have enough items to fill up a unit, you can do so by combining your items with theirs. You will also save on costs, which is always a benefit when you’re in college.

A good indication that you need storage is if you are having to store a lot of items on the floor or on top of dresser space and even bedding. Your dorm room should be a stress-free place for you to rest when you are away from class, but also a place for you to concentrate on your studies if you don’t feel like making a daily trip to the library.

  • To save on space, move items to storage that you simply don’t use. Non-functional items can easily be stored and retrieved as needed.
  •  Store clothes seasonally. This is great so that you can have your fall, winter and spring clothes readily available in the town you attend college, without having to worry about transporting all of your clothes back and forth on semester breaks. You gain space in your dorm closet, and you can access what you need faster.
  •  Add in books and papers to storage from previous semesters. If you like to hold onto your old course work for a point of reference, this can be really helpful. You’ll free up space in the process, but still have access to important documents when you need them.

Off Campus-apartment or house Storage needs greatly increase when you live off campus because you may find you have a lot more items taking up valuable space. If this is the case, try using storage as a solution. Once again, if you can, try sharing a unit with roommates or friends to maximize and fill your storage unit. Consider portable, climate controlled storage options that will allow you to house belongings in a conditioned atmosphere.

If your living space area is beginning to distract you from your studies, it is a good idea to take steps to improve the situation.

  • To save space in an apartment or home, consider storing items seasonally, such as holiday decorations, seasonal sporting goods, and course work from various semesters. If you have large shelves dedicated to storing old books, consider moving those books to storage so you can utilize the shelving space for other items.
  • Be creative. Think about the items you have in your apartment or home and creative ways you can use existing items to double as space savers. This can be helpful for belongings that you want to move out of the way, but not place in storage. Hollowed items make great storage areas, and can really help you to clear out minor clutter. For larger items, utilize storage, and where possible, apply the same method of doubling up items within items to help maximize the usage of your storage unit. A good example of this is packing utensils within mixing bowls or storing books within dresser drawers. The key is utilizing your space in an optimal way so you are getting the most benefit both at your home and your storage unit.

Summer Storage And don't forget about storing you stuff over the summer! Portable storage units are perfect for packing up your dorm room or apartment for storage over the summer holiday so you don't have to lug everything home and then back again in the fall. The units are delivered right to campus, you load the storage container, and it is picked up and stored for the summer. In the fall you simply call and schedule to have your storage unit redelivered to your new dorm or apartment for unloading. Best of all if you don't have enough stuff to fill an entire storage container consider sharing with a friend and splitting the cost!

You will find that by simply moving certain items out of the way temporarily, you can get a better handle on maintaining a less cluttered environment.

For additional helpful tips, check out some of the many added benefits storage can provide.

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