How to Pack Lamps for Moving

by Dusty Rhodes on Feb 11, 2021  in 
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When it comes to moving, packing is easily the most challenging and time consuming part of the process. While some things are relatively easy to wrap, fold, and place in boxes, others are not. Lamps can be one of those tricky items to pack. They come with a lot of delicate parts, they’re fragile, and they are almost always unusually shaped.


If you are preparing for a move, consider these tips to help you properly pack your lamps and lampshades so they arrive safely at your new home.

Things to Consider

Lamps and lampshades are very delicate and require special care and attention if they are going to survive a move and arrive in one piece. You will face a few challenges when packing lamps:


  • ●Many lamps are made of glass or ceramic so they are extremely fragile.
  • ●Many lamps have multiple parts, many of which are quite delicate.
  • ●Lamps come in a variety of shapes and sizes so it’s often difficult to figure out what kind of box to pack them in.


This means you will need to take each lamp apart, pack all lamps and lamp shades in separate boxes, and gather the right materials to provide the best protection for your lamps and parts.

Gather the Right Supplies

The first step is to gather all of the lamps in your home and set them out so you know exactly how many lamps you will be packing. Then, you will need to prepare for packing by gathering all of the necessary packing supplies. You will need:


  • ●An appropriate sized box for each lamp shade
  • ●An appropriate sized box for each lamp base
  • ●Packing paper
  • ●Bubble wrap
  • ●Packing peanuts
  • ●Twist ties
  • ●Plastic baggies
  • ●Packing tape


Step #1: Take the lamp apart.

It is important to take apart one lamp at a time so you don’t mix up parts from multiple lamps. Start by coiling each cord and securing it with a twist tie. Then, gently unscrew the light bulbs and set them aside. Next, remove the lamp shade and the harp (the “U” shaped metal piece surrounding the bulb). Wrap the harp in packing paper and place it in a plastic baggie along with any other screws. Label the baggie and tape it to the inside of the lamp shade. Finally, you will want to carefully wrap the light bulb with bubble wrap and set it aside so all bulbs can be packed together.


Step #2: Wrap the Lamp Base

Next you will want to gently lay the lamp base on its side and carefully wrap the entire base of the lamp with bubble wrap, securing it with packing tape. If the lamp is extremely fragile, you might want to repeat this process for additional protection.

Step #3: Line Your Box with Packing Paper

Select a box for your lamp base and begin by lining the inside of the box with packing paper. This will act as a cushion for your lamp as you move it inside the box.

Step #4: Pack the Lamp Base in the Box

Gently lay the lamp base inside the box and cover the top of the lamp with packing paper as well. You will also want to fill in any empty space in the box with packing peanuts. This will help prevent the lamp from shifting during transport. At this point, you can secure the box with packing tape and label it. Be sure to mark the box “fragile.”

Step #5: Wrap Your Lamp Shade

Next it is time to prepare your lamp shades for packing. Start by wrapping your lamp shade with packing paper. Be sure and use only plain white packing paper, as the ink from newspaper could rub off onto your lamp shade.

Step #6: Pack the Lamp Shade in the Box

Each lamp shade should be packed in its own individual box, though you may be able to nest a smaller shade inside a larger one if they are both wrapped appropriately. Place the shade inside the box and fill in the empty space with packing peanuts or crumples packing paper. You want to keep the lamp shade from shifting around. Finally, label the box.

Step #7 Packing Floor Lamps

Since it is unlikely that a floor lamp will fit inside a box, you want to be sure the base of the floor lamp is wrapped with air-filled plastic wrap and tightly secured. When placing it inside a moving van or storage container, be sure it is nestled in a spot where it will not roll around and avoid placing anything on top of it.

Step #8 Packing Light Bulbs

You want to make sure that each bulb is wrapped with bubble wrap. You can place the bulbs in a small box with packing peanuts or packing paper between them. Or, you can pack the bulbs in a box with dividers.




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