8 Easy Gift Ideas for Your New College Roommate

by Dusty Rhodes on Aug 23, 2023  in 
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All across the country students are packing their belongings and getting ready to move into their new college dorm or apartment. Living in such close quarters with someone isn’t always easy and having a good roommate is truly priceless. Start the year off right with your new college roommate with a simple gift that shows how much you appreciate them. Whether your roommate is a friend you’ve known for years or someone you only just met, giving them a small gift is a great way to begin the year on the right track and set the tone for a friendly living situation. You don’t have to spend a fortune to show thoughtfulness. There are plenty of simple and affordable gifts that are sure to impress your new roommate.

1. Houseplant

Houseplants are perfect for a college dorm or apartment because they not only bring in a little bit of greenery and color to the space, but they can also be relatively easy to care for. Opt for a low maintenance plant that can thrive in shade and doesn’t require much upkeep, such as a succulent, orchid, or cactus. Not only do plants boost your mood, but they also filter the air, providing plenty of great benefits.

2. Reed Diffuser

Candles are not dorm friendly, so reed diffusers make a great gift for college students. They provide long-lasting scents that make your dorm smell fresh and clean. They also look super cute next to your bedside or on a shelf.

3. Cozy Socks

A pair of fluffy socks is a simple, yet much appreciated gift for a college roommate. They are sure to keep your roommate warm and snuggle when the dorm floor gets extra chilly.

4. Coffee or Tea

If your roommate has an addiction to coffee or tea, this is the perfect gift! Perfect for early mornings or late night studying, this extra boost of caffeine is just what your roommate needs. Pair it with a cute mug and you instantly have an awesome roommate gift.

5. Snack Basket

What roommate wouldn’t appreciate a basket full of their favorite snacks and goodies? Fill it with sweet and salty treats like trail mix, popcorn, candy, chips, and cookies. They will appreciate having something to snack on between classes or on the go.

6. Bath Goodies

Bathroom goodies like soaps, lotions, shower gel, and a loofah are both fun and beneficial. Create a spa bundle for your roommate to pamper themselves. Nothing is better than a little relaxation after a long day of classes and studying.

7. Blanket

Nothing beats curling up with a soft, cozy blanket after a long day. A blanket is both thoughtful and useful, and it’s perfect for chilly dorms or apartments.

8. Kitchen Accessories

Is your roommate always borrowing your cereal bowls or plastic storage containers? You can pack them up in a kitchen goodie basket filled with dishes, cups, mugs, and even gadgets. You don’t have to spend a fortune either. You can find a great selection of kitchen accessories at your local dollar store.


Dusty Rhodes