How to Move Using Portable Storage

by Dusty Rhodes on Jun 14, 2023  in 
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Are you in the process of planning a move? If so, you may be interested to know that portable storage can save you time, money,
and a great deal of hassle. Not only will portable storage save you big bucks compared to hiring a professional moving company, but it is a much more convenient and secure way to store and transport your belongings. If you are planning to move to Northwest Chicago, SMARTBOX Portable Storage & Moving offers a variety of services to assist you along the way.  Here is everything you need to know about how to move using a portable storage company.

What are Portable Storage Containers?

A portable storage container is a standalone storage container that can easily be moved from one location to another. Built to withstand all kinds of weather, these durable containers are ideal for storing belongings onsite as well as transporting them to a different location. They are conveniently delivered right to your home, giving you a secure place to pack and store your belongings while keeping them safe from weather, theft, and accidental damage.

Why Portable Storage Containers are Ideal for Moving

While portable storage containers can be used for a variety of purposes, they are especially useful during the moving process. SMARTBOX of Northwest Chicago offers a variety of services that help make your move easy and hassle free. 

  • Cost-Effective: Portable storage containers are much more cost effective than hiring a professional moving company. They are available in a variety of sizes, so you only pay for the space you need. You also get to keep the container for as long as you need, paying only a monthly rental fee.


  • Flexible moving options: Since you rent the portable unit for as long as you need, you can take your time packing and unpacking on your own schedule. You don’t have to worry about adhering to someone else’s timetable or getting charged overage fees. Instead, you can enjoy a stress-free move all at your own pace.


  • Convenient delivery: Your portable storage container is conveniently delivered to your home where you keep it for as long as you need. At your convenience, simply call and arrange to have your portable container picked up and transported to your new home.


  • Easy loading and unloading: Unlike moving trucks that require you to carry heavy items up and down a steep loading ramp, portable storage containers offer ground level loading and unloading. This allows for safer loading and unloading of your belongings.


  • Long and short-term storage options: You have the option to rent a portable storage container for as long as you need. Maybe your new home isn’t quite ready or you plan to do some renovations before moving in. You always have the option of storing your belongings in one of our long-term storage facilities for as long as you need.


  • Local and long-distance moves: Whether you are moving just across town or all the way across the country, you can arrange to have your portable storage container transported to your new home, both local and long-distance.

How the Moving Process Works

Renting a portable storage unit from SMARTBOX is a simple process.


  1. Call and speak to our representative: You may be wondering what size storage container you need to rent so you can find out by calling and speaking with one of our friendly representatives. You can also ask questions about pricing,delivery options, and duration of storage.


  1. Choose delivery date and location: Schedule a date,time, and location for your delivery.


  1. Load at your convenience: You pack and load your portable storage container at your convenience.


  1. Schedule pickup and delivery to destination: SMARTBOX will pick up your container when you are ready and deliver it either to a storage facility or your new home.


If you are preparing for a move in Northwest Chicago, save yourself time and money by calling the professionals at SMARTBOX. We can help you decide which storage container is right for you and create a plan to simplify your moving process. Call us today for more information and find out how we can help you move with ease!

Dusty Rhodes