5 Moving Expenses That are Totally Worth Your Money

by Dusty Rhodes on May 17, 2023  in 
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Not only is moving physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting, but it can be draining on your bank account too. Moving comes with a ton of expenses, which can only add to your stress. That said, there are some things that are totally worth splurging on when you are moving. Spending money on the right things can help keep things running smoothly and can prevent common moving pitfalls. Here are some of the top moving expenses that are totally worth your money.

1. Professional Cleaners

You have finally packed and loaded that last box but after all those hours of hard work, who wants to turn around and scrub their old place? If you are a renter, you definitely want to get that deposit back and if you are selling a home, you want to leave it in good condition for the new homeowners. Save yourself the time and energy and hire professional cleaners to do the job for you. You also want to do the same thing before you move into your new home. If time allows, hire professional cleaners to give your new home a good scrubbing before you unload your boxes. It can be such a relief knowing that you are moving right into a nice clean home.

2. Quality Boxes and Packing Supplies

It is totally worth the money to invest in good quality packing supplies. Wrestling with cheap tape and loading boxes that are falling apart just isn’t worth the headache. Start with heavy duty boxes and a quality roll of packing tape. Grab a few rolls of bubble wrap and colored labels to sort your boxes. It is even worth the money to buy specialty boxes for electronics, artwork, dresses, and other clothing. Everything will be so much easier and you can rest assured that your belongings will arrive in good condition. Peace of mind is something you can’t put a price on.

3. Quality Movers

Full service moves can be extremely expensive and it’s simply not in everyone’s budget. Even if you are looking to forgo the full service move, however, it is still worth the money to hire a couple of quality movers. There are lots of companies that will supply you with 2-3 reputable workers who can assist you with loading and unloading your belongings. Even if you are renting a moving truck or renting a portable storage container, these movers can help you get everything loaded and unloaded. Not only will this make the job go so much faster, but it will definitely help lighten the physical burden of moving by yourself.

4. Portable Storage Containers

Portable storage containers have revolutionized the moving industry, and rightfully so. They make the moving process easier, more convenient, and less stressful than ever before. Portable storage containers are perfect for storing excess belongings while staging your home to sell it. Once your home is sold, they allow you to pack and load at your convenience, saving you from having to load and unload your entire house in one day. Furthermore, they are ideal for those who plan to paint or do remodeling before moving into their new home, as they allow you to keep your belongings stored for as long as needed.

5. Refreshments for Movers and Helpers

Whether you are hiring professionals or enlisting the help of family or friends, it is totally worth your money to provide snacks, meals, and refreshments to your movers. Not only is this important for keeping your crew hydrated and energized, but it is also good for their morale. Moving is no easy task so show your appreciation with a nice assortment of refreshments.


Dusty Rhodes