8 Ways to Get Your Kids Excited About Moving

by Dusty Rhodes on Mar 10, 2023  in 
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Moving presents plenty of challenges for everyone involved, but it can be especially stressful for kids who aren’t part of the decisions. Children thrive on routine and predictability and moving changes all of that. As a result, kids may sometimes feel sad, angry, or nervous about what lies ahead. This can be even more so for kids who will be changing schools. It’s not easy for kids to say goodbye to friends and familiar surroundings, so here are some helpful tips for making the moving process more positive for your kids.

1. Create a New Home Wish List

While it may not be possible to allow children to make such a major decision, it is important to let their voices be heard and take into consideration what they would like in their new home. Perhaps they would like a bigger backyard or to live near a park. Perhaps they would like their own bedroom or a bigger bathroom. Keep their wishes in mind as you conduct your house hunt and try to find something that grants at least one common wish among the family. Your children will be excited to have this new perk!

2. Let them Attend House Showings

You can also plant the seed of excitement by bringing your kids along for the house-hunting process. The kids will love touring homes with you and getting a glimpse of what their new home might look like. They may also get excited about seeing a potential new bedroom!

3. Explore the New Neighborhood

Plan a visit to your new neighborhood before moving day. Check out a nearby playground, have lunch at a local restaurant, and see how far the school is from your new home. Be sure to point out fun places such as a nearby ice cream shop or fun attractions. This will help get your little ones excited about their new neighborhood.

4. Encourage Them to Plan Their New Room

Kids are generally concerned about the aspects of the home that will affect them most, which is typically their bedroom. Help them get excited about their new bedroom by encouraging them to think about how they would like to set it up. Let them choose a new paint color for their walls or a few new accessories. Let them decide how they want to arrange their furniture. Kids will love getting to map out their new space.

5. Visit Their School Ahead of Time

If your children will be moving to a new school, plan a day to tour the school. Allow the kids to meet their new teachers and see what their new school looks like. Afterwards, talk about the fun things their new school has to offer.

6. Involve Them in the Move

Another great way to get them excited about moving is to give them a checklist of tasks that they can complete. This makes them feel like they are part of the process. Younger children can pack their toys and help label boxes while older children can help pack other items in the home. Reward the kids for their hard work.

7. Sign Them Up for Activities

If you are moving to a new city or school, it’s a good idea to sign your kids up for a few new activities such as sports, clubs, music lessons, or other activities. This gives them something to look forward to and is also a great way to help them make new friends right away.

8. Talk Positively

Have a positive attitude about moving and share your enthusiasm with your kids. Rather than focusing on what they are leaving behind, focus on their new experiences ahead. Kids really respond to their parents’ attitude so if you sound excited about the move, they will likely feel excited too.

Dusty Rhodes