5 Low Cost Ways to Upgrade Your Lawn’s Landscaping

by Dusty Rhodes on Feb 15, 2023  in 
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Your home’s living space encompasses much more than the interior rooms. Your yard and outdoor space are also an important part of your home and the landscaping can contribute to your home’s overall curb appeal. That said, upgrading your landscaping doesn’t have to break the bank. If hiring a professional landscaper isn’t in the budget for you, not to worry. These low cost landscaping ideas are perfect for anyone who wants to rejuvenate their yard on a budget.

1.  Clean Out and Mulch Flower Beds

You will be amazed at how much you will spruce up your home’s landscaping just by giving your flower beds a good cleaning. Start by trimming overgrown bushes, pulling weeds, and cleaning out leaves and debris. Then, purchase a few bags of mulch and spread it yourself to add loads of visual appeal to your flower beds. You can purchase mulch yourself for less than $200 and spend a couple hours of your time to save hundreds of dollars. In addition to making your flower beds look cleaner and more visually appealing, fresh mulch will also help prevent weed growth and can retain moisture to help flowers and plants grow.

2. Plant Perennials

There’s no doubt that colorful flowers add plenty of aesthetic beauty to your yard but purchasing flats of flowers each year can get costly. You can save some money by choosing perennial options that start from seeds. You can purchase seedlings for less than $10 and over time they will grow, spread, and add a pop of color to your gardens. The best part of perennial plants is that they come back every year so you only have to make the initial investment!

3. Fertilize the Lawn

There’s nothing quite as beautiful as a lush, green lawn and you can achieve this at a lower cost than you think. Fertilizing your lawn is a fast and affordable way to improve the way your whole yard looks. At the end of a long winter, fertilizer can help revive your grass so it greens up faster and becomes more lush during the spring and summer season. Some fertilizers can also kill weeds, further improving the look of your landscaping.

4. Plant Trees and Shrubs

You don’t have to hire a full team of landscaping professionals to add lush greenery to your landscaping. Visit your local gardening center and look for trees or shrubs that are best suited to your climate and region. Choose a variety of sizes and shapes that will best compliment your home’s current landscaping. Trees and shrubs can really add to your home’s overall curb appeal while also providing shade and cleaner air.

5. Add Some Borders to Trees and Gardens

Another great way to make your landscaping look clean and meticulous is by lining your trees or gardens with borders. You could do this with plants such as monkey grass or flowers. You could also create borders with wood, river rocks, stones, or bricks. Adding borders and lines is an inexpensive way to make your landscaping look clean, neat, and visually appealing.

Dusty Rhodes