4 Secret Hiding Spaces to Store Holiday Gifts Where Kids Won’t Look

by Dusty Rhodes on Dec 14, 2022  in 
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The holidays are upon us and that means singing Christmas carols, looking at lights, baking cookies, and of course…shopping for gifts! Despite the challenges of searching for the perfect gift, sometimes hiding it can be harder than shopping for it. There’s no doubt that curious kids (and some parents alike) are bound to hunt through the house in search of mom and dad’s secret hiding spot. If you are wondering where to store all those gifts until the big day, consider these clever hiding spots that are sure to keep your gifts safe from prying eyes.

The Attic

The attic is an ideal place for many parents, especially those with younger children. Young kids aren’t likely to climb into the attic on their own, and even if they did, there’s a good chance they would be too frightened to stay for long. You should be able to find a little extra room tucked away in the attic where you can hide your gifts and cover them with a sheet or blanket. Keep in mind, however, that temperature and humidity are factors that can damage some gifts. Therefore, be sure the gifts you are hiding in the attic are not susceptible to extreme temperatures or humidity.

Suitcases or Mislabeled Storage Bins

Suitcases and duffel bags can be a great place to store gifts. Kids will likely see your suitcases and think nothing of them, making them a fantastic secret hiding space. Another option is to store your gifts in large plastic bins that are mislabeled as something else, such as “Grandma’s China” or “baby clothing.” Sure, a child might take a peek in your closet or garage, but they are unlikely to open a box marked “Mom’s summer clothes.”

At a Grandparent’s House

If your parents are local, they probably wouldn’t mind at all allowing you to use their home as the “North Pole.” A separate house is ideal, especially since it’s easier to have gifts shipped to a different address. Don’t forget to keep track of everything you have bought and ordered so you can easily take inventory when you pick up your gifts from Grandma’s house.

A Storage Unit

You may consider renting a storage unit during the holiday season, as this can be a fantastic place to hide your gifts. Many storage units are climate-controlled, making them ideal for storing all of your holiday gifts. They are also spacious enough to store large items such as bikes, scooters, and dollhouses. Your children will never be able to access your storage unit, and it can even be helpful for storing and organizing your holiday decor so it’s a win-win for everyone.



Dusty Rhodes