7 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Home’s Exterior for Fall

by Dusty Rhodes on Sep 28, 2022  in 
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Are you excited about fall? You aren’t alone! Fall is a beautiful time of year when the weather begins to change, the world is painted in colorful shades of red and orange, and it’s time to cozy up with loved ones. It’s also a wonderful time to celebrate upcoming harvests, festivals, and holidays that are soon to come. You can welcome this change of season and cozy up your home with outdoor fall decorations that add warmth and character to your home. Whether you are decorating your entryway, patio, or porch, here are some great ideas for decorating your home’s exterior and celebrating the season!

1. Create an Autumnal Entry

Your front door is not only the focal point of your home, but it is also the entrance. Create a welcoming front entry with a beautiful fall scene. Place corn stalks on either side of your door, stack hay bales one side, and use an assortment of pumpkins to design colorful and festive pumpkin towers. Pumpkins are also a great decoration for porch steps alongside cornucopia, squash, and mums. Finally, finish the scene with a beautiful fall wreath for your door.

2. Hang Fall Garland

Perhaps the best part of fall is the gorgeous and colorful foliage. Choose a fall garland that includes a brilliant display of foliage and wrap it around columns or hang across your door or entryway. This will instantly add a pop of color to your home and a reminder that fall has arrived!

3. Fall Garden Cart

Want to add a festive pop to your front yard? Give your home that cozy farm feel with an adorable garden cart. Choose a spot in your yard, perhaps under a tree or next to the front porch and decorate it with a rustic cart. Fill the cart with pumpkins, gourds, and mums and place a few additional mums and pumpkins around the bottom of the cart. Finally, tie a bunch of corn stalks together and stand them up behind the cart. This will make the perfect fall centerpiece for your front yard.

4. Fall Planters

Nothing says fall is here like the bright hues of orange, red, and yellow mums. Other popular fall flowers include pansies, zinnia, marigolds, and chrysanthemum. Plant these flowers in a festive planter such as an old barrel, tin tub, or wooden box. This brilliant display of flowers will certainly make your home feel like fall.


5. Assemble Your Own Pumpkin Patch

This works especially well if you have a few steps leading up to your front porch but gather an assortment of pumpkins in all sizes, shapes, and colors. Then begin stacking and clustering your pumpkins along the steps to your home. This adorable pumpkin patch makes for a fun and stunning fall decoration.

6. Wooden Signs

Wooden signs are super cute and trendy and they are a great way to add some festive fun to your home’s exterior. You can pick up a painted wooden sign or make your own using reclaimed wood! Simply place it next to your door, beside your planters, or along the front porch. There are so many adorable signs with fun fall sayings and this is one easy way to spruce up your home for the season.

7. Make a Scarecrow

A scarecrow is one of the most iconic displays that people associate with fall. All you need is some burlap sacks, old clothing, and a wooden rod to make your own scarecrow. This is an especially fun activity to do with the kids, and it can be the perfect complement to your fall garden. 


Dusty Rhodes