7 Organizational Hacks for Setting Up Your Child’s New Room

by Dusty Rhodes on Sep 14, 2022  in 
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Toys, books, crayons, stuffed animals…you name it! A child’s room is usually packed with so many different items and keeping all of those things in order isn’t always easy. It seems as though every time you turn around, your child has acquired more things and no place to store them. Moving into a new home is the perfect time to set your child up for success, by creating a room that is neat and tidy. Here are some great hacks for creating a room that is fun and full of personality, but also easy to keep organized.

1. Incorporate Vertical Storage

Vertical storage is a smart idea for any small space, and it’s perfect for a child’s bedroom. If the room has bookshelves, utilize them for books, photos, and small baskets. You can also add floating shelves to hold books and small toys if the room does not have built-in bookshelves. There are even plenty of shelving units that you can install to look like built-ins and offer extra storage space.

2. Under the Bed Storage

One of the least utilized spaces in a bedroom is the space under the bed. We often forget there is additional room to store plastic bins, crates, or totes in this amazing hiding place. This is ideal for keeping toys, clothing, blankets, books, and more out of the way.

3. Use Storage Baskets in the Closet

Plastic inexpensive baskets are perfect for storing things like socks, hair accessories, hats, belts, swimwear, and plenty of other accessories. You can place these baskets neatly along the shelves in your child’s closet, or you can even hang them along the inside wall. It’s a great way to provide a specific place for each item so your child knows exactly where to put them when they are cleaning up their room.

4.Over the Door Storage

Over the door hanging systems are perfect for storing things out of the way without taking up much needed space in drawers or in your closet. They are ideal for shoes, small toys, art supplies, and so much more! You can even label each pocket so your child knows exactly what goes where.


5. Plastic Crates or Canvas Totes

Crates and totes come in all sizes, colors, and even fabrics. You can easily find a color scheme or pattern to match your child’s bedroom decor. They can be placed on shelves, in the closet, or simply beneath a window to add additional storage space for toys, books, teddy bears, or other small items. They are easy for kids to reach and they make cleaning up a breeze, all while adding a fun pop of color to your child’s bedroom.

6. Rolling Carts

Rolling carts are great for kids who need a place to store art supplies. They make the perfect storage solution for paper, scissors, crayons, markers, paints, and any other crafting supplies. They come in a variety of colors and they are on wheels, which means they are easy to roll out when you need them, and roll back in the closet when you are done.

7. Multifunction Storage Ottoman

You can find storage ottomans in just about any size, color, and fabric. This multipurpose piece of furniture is excellent for kid’s rooms because it doubles as a storage space as well as a chair. You can place them at the foot of your child’s bed, under a window, or even tucked in the corner so your child can pull it out whenever they need. Simply open the ottoman to store books, toys, or blankets and then use the ottoman for additional seating.


Dusty Rhodes