5 Creative Ways to Maximize Space in a College Dorm Room

by Dusty Rhodes on Sep 08, 2022  in 
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Heading off to college is a super exciting time for any college freshman…until they get one glance at the tiny room they will be living in for the year. After having all of the luxuries of living  at home with mom and dad, moving into a super small room that you have to share with someone else can be a bit of a shock. Before you freak out, however, remember that all it takes is a little savvy creativity to make even the tiniest dorm room feel like home. Here are just a few simple and creative ways to maximize space in your college dorm room.

1. Find Multipurpose Furniture

Want to have a place to set your coffee, but also need a place to store extra blankets? The key to maximizing space in a tiny room is finding pieces that serve a dual purpose. For example, a lift-top coffee table can be a functional work space, a dining table, and a storage unit. Other examples of multipurpose furniture include futons which double as a bed and a couch or ottomans which can provide seating and storage. Not only will these pieces add style to your space, but they are also functional.

2. Use Bed Risers

A typical dorm room bed is a twin bed, but imagine how much you could fit underneath it if you lift the bed 4 to 5 inches off the ground! Bed risers are a great way to create additional storage space. You can purchase plastic bins and use them to store clothes, towels, blankets, extra sheets, books, and so much more. You can then tuck these bins neatly under your bed and out of the way. You can even purchase tech friendly bed risers which come with additional outlets and USB chargers!

3. Closet Organizers

You can forget about that walk-in closet you may have been accustomed to at home. Dorm room closets are far from spacious but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep your clothes and accessories neatly organized. Start with an over-the-door shoe organizer. Not only is this a great place to store extra shoes, but you can also use it to store rolled up t-shirts, clutches, and even an umbrella. Hanging jewelry organizers are also great for closet organization, and can keep your jewelry from getting cluttered on your desk. You can also stack plastic bins for items like jackets, sweaters, blankets, accessories, or towels. Finally, hang up command hooks for things like wet towels, backpacks, belts, or hats.

Dusty Rhodes