6 Clever Packing Ideas to Make Moving Less Stressful ​

by Dusty Rhodes on Jul 21, 2022  in 
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If you have ever moved, then you know how incredibly tiring and stressful the process can be. In fact, as soon as you mention that you are moving, people may glance at you with pity in their eyes. That’s because moving is one of the most taxing things you will do in your life. Packing up your entire life and moving it, whether it’s down the street or to another state, is just not easy. Of course, like anything else in life, it all comes down to planning ahead and using tips and tricks to simplify the process. Packing is no easy feat, but these clever packing ideas can help ease the process.

1. Pack Clothes on the Hangers

Packing your clothes is easily one of the most tedious tasks, but it doesn’t have to be! Why fold up every single shirt you own and pack it in boxes? Better yet, why invest in wardrobe boxes for dresses and coats? The solution to both of these problems is simpler than you might think. Don’t take your clothes off the hangers. Instead, take small groups of hangers and attach them using a zip tie. Then, simply cover them with a garbage bag and tie it at the bottom. Now, your clothes can easily be moved without packing a single thing, and it’s way cheaper than wardrobe boxes!

2. Color Code Each Room

Part of the stress when packing is staying organized and keeping track of where everything is. You can easily stay organized by color coding each room as you pack. Assign each room a color using colored labels. As you pack, label the contents of each box and place a colored label on the box so you know exactly what room it belongs in. Not only will this help you organize your boxes by room, but it will make it much easier for the movers to know exactly where to place each box in your new home.

3. Pack  Small Appliances in Laundry Baskets

Save yourself the time and hassle of cleaning out your coffee maker, toaster, mixer, and other countertop appliances. Instead, simply pack them in a plastic laundry basket with handles. These baskets are sturdy enough to hold your small appliances and they also make it much easier to simply place them on your counter when you arrive in your new home. Chances are you will be scrounging through boxes to find your coffeemaker and toaster, so simplify the process by keeping them right where you can easily find them.

4. Use What You Have

Don’t fret if you run out of moving boxes. Instead of making a zillion trips back and forth to the hardware store to buy more boxes, make use of things you already have around the house. For instance, suitcases make great “moving boxes” and since you are taking them with you, why not fill them with a few small items? You can also make use of duffel bags or reusable grocery bags. Need packing paper? Try using blankets, towels, or sheets to wrap your fragile items. You can also use things like socks and oven mitts to move small kitchen gadgets like scissors, can opener, spatulas, etc. You will be surprised at how many things you already have that can double as packing supplies…not to mention the amount of money you will be saving!

5. Plastic Wrap Your Drawers

Packing can be time consuming so it’s great to save time wherever you can. One great timesaving hack is to move your drawers with the clothes still inside. Emptying out of all of your drawers and packing everything in boxes is a big task that you can avoid. Instead of emptying your drawers, leave the contents inside and simply wrap the entire chest of drawers with plastic wrap. Be sure to wrap around the drawers 2-3 times to prevent the drawers from opening. Once you arrive at your new home, simply remove the wrapping and voila! Your drawers are ready to go!

6. Pack and Essentials Box

When you first arrive at your new home, the last thing you want to do after a long day of moving is to scour through boxes looking for a bath towel and bed sheets. Moving can take a lot out of you and your family, so packing an essentials box ahead of time can ease your stress. Set aside items you know you will need right away like bedding, bath towels, toiletries, toilet paper, phone chargers, an extra set of clothes, and even a few snack items. Do the same for each member of your family. Label these boxes “essentials” and pack them in your car so you know exactly where they are. This will be tremendously helpful on that first day at your new home.


Dusty Rhodes