7 Ideas to Help Children Say Goodbye to Their House

by Dusty Rhodes on May 04, 2022  in 
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Moving to a new home can be difficult for children. This can be a profound change for a child who may have never lived anywhere else. Not only does moving interrupt their daily routine, but the house was a constant in their lives and a place where they felt safe and secure. For this reason, it can be very upsetting for a child to move homes. Kids are creatures of habit, so leaving behind friends, neighbors, and familiar surroundings can be very stressful. While it’s easy for adults to get distracted by all the chaos of the move, it’s important to remember how emotional this time might be for the child and take a few steps to aid them in saying goodbye to their home. Here are some simple yet effective ideas for helping children say goodbye to their home.


1. Talk About It in Advance

As soon as you know you are moving, go ahead and share the news with your children. Give them plenty of time to adjust to the idea of moving homes and provide opportunities for them to share their feelings. Have daily discussions about what they can expect and keep the conversation positive. Help them get excited by telling them about their new neighborhood or new and interesting features of their home. Talk to them about how they want to decorate their room and what they are going to do first when they get there. Of course you should also share the things you loved about your old home and what you will miss. Let them know that it’s ok to feel sad and that you feel sad sometimes too. However, always end on a positive note and tell them how wonderful and exciting this move will be.

2. Do Their Favorite Things Before the Move

Perhaps your children love swinging in the backyard, planting flowers in the garden, or having a dance party in the kitchen. Whatever it is that your children love doing in their home, do it! Give them a chance to make those last memories in their home doing the things they love. Reassure them that they will have new favorite activities in their new home!

3. Make a Scrapbook or Photo Album

Pictures are a great way to feel connected to the past and remember old memories. Encourage your children to take pictures of their house including their bedroom, backyard, any favorite places in the house. They can either put these photos in a special album or use them to create a scrapbook or collage. Not only will this provide them with a fun activity to keep them busy while you are packing, but it will also be a wonderful keepsake.


4. Film a Video Diary

Another great way to capture memories of their home is to have your children use a smartphone to record a video diary of the home. They can film a tour in the home or even document special activities in the home before the move. You can even film each child talking about their favorite memories. Again, this is a great way to provide closure while also keeping your kids busy during the chaos of moving.

5. Plant a Tree

Let your children plant a special r tree before the move. This will be a way they can always remain “part of the home.” Tell them you will drive them by the home each year so they can see how much their tree has grown.

6. Throw a Goodbye Party

Let your children help plan a “goodbye party” before the move. They can invite friends from the neighborhood and have a cookout in the backyard. Or, if they prefer, you can simply have one last special dinner as a family complete with a family sleepover in the den. The idea is to celebrate the beautiful memories of your home before embarking on your new journey to the next home.

7. Write a Letter to the New Owners

Finally, it can be very sweet to have your children write a letter to the new homeowners. Have them write about what a wonderful home it has been for them and how many special memories were shared there, and encourage the new family to enjoy it just as much.  Writing can be very cathartic and can give your children that last little bit of closure. It can be nice for the children to know the new family is going to love the home as much as they did.


Dusty Rhodes