9 Innovative Ways to Make Your Rental House Feel Like Home

by Dusty Rhodes on Mar 16, 2022  in 
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Renting a home is an ideal option for many people. Perhaps they are new to a city and aren’t ready to make a permanent purchase. It could also be that renting is a more financially smart decision than buying a home. Whatever the reason, renting is quite common, particularly for young people and those living in an urban setting. In many ways, rentals provide people with many freedoms. They have the freedom to test out a new neighborhood, the freedom from paying exorbitant prices for a home, and the freedom to pack up and move at a moment’s notice. What many rentals lack, however, is the cozy and “homey” feeling associated with permanent dwellings. Rentals often come with restrictions, such as not allowing you to paint, hang pictures, have pets, or do anything to the yard. Luckily, there are still plenty of things you can do to make your rental property feel like home. Here are some tips and tricks for styling your rental to make it more like home.


1. Make the Most of Freestanding Storage

Most rental properties don’t allow you to attach things to the wall, making it difficult to personalize the space with pictures, knick knacks, etc. This can also leave your living room feeling empty and neglected. A great way to fill the space and provide much needed storage is by adding a few free-standing bookshelves. You can decorate a shelving unit with books, family photos, personal knick knacks, or collections. This gives you the opportunity to personalize your space without putting any holes in the walls.

2. Add Potted Plants

Greenery can really warm up a room, adding brightness and color. Potted plants and flowers are an easy way to make a home feel cozy and lived in. You don’t have to have a green thumb either! There are plenty of hearty indoor plants that are easy to care for, so get ready to bring the outdoors inside!

3. Incorporate Lots of Rugs

Rugs are a great accessory to add a pop of color to any room, but they also make a room feel cozier and more inviting. You may not be able to change the ugly carpet or tile floors in your rental, but you can cover it up with a beautiful rug. Depending on your taste, rugs can be a great way to infuse your own style and personality into the space or they can simply be used to hide unsightly floors.

4. Choose Colorful Furnishings

Since many rentals do not allow you to paint, one thing that is really lacking is color. If your space feels boring and drab, liven it up with colorful furnishings. Choose a bold colored couch such as navy or teal. Then, go with accent chairs that have a fun pattern. You can also add bold, colorful throw pillows. You can incorporate color through soft furnishings to brighten up the space and infuse life into the room.

5. Use Command Strips

Your landlord may have said you can’t drill holes in your walls but that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate them! Command strips are a great alternative for hanging pictures without damaging your walls. Just be sure to check the recommended weight for the command strips and choose the appropriate size for your pictures.

6. Hang Some Curtains

Curtains can completely change the look and feel of a room and chances are, your rental house could use a little sprucing up. This is another great way to incorporate some color into a neutral space. Curtains also add warmth and really help accentuate the windows and natural light in a home.

7. Add Candles and Lamps

Lighting is very important in a home and can really set the mood. Therefore, make use of lamps and place them strategically around the home. Floor lamps are great for larger rooms, while smaller lamps on a side table, bedside table, or even in a bathroom can create ambiance. Add some candles to your table, mantle, and other small spaces to create a warm atmosphere.

8. Add Throws and Cushions

Decorate your sofa, accent chairs, or bed with cozy throws and cushions. You can also add cushions under a window or along a bench seat to tie the room together. Not only are throws and cushions warm and snuggly, but the textures and patterns make for a more visually appealing space.

9. Accessorize

Sometimes all you need is to add a few extras to really make a room pop. Decorative vases, bowls, coffee table books, candlesticks, and trinkets can finish off a space, adding just the right personal touches. This is the time to utilize those souvenirs you bought while traveling or those favorite antique pieces from your grandmother. You can also make any room feel like home with a vase of fresh flowers.

Dusty Rhodes