6 Low-Cost Ways to Save Money on an Out-of-State Move

by Dusty Rhodes on Jan 26, 2022  in 
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Moving is easily one of the most stressful and expensive life experiences, and it only gets worse when you are moving to an entirely different state! That’s why it is so important to set a budget so you don’t overspend on your interstate move. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to reduce moving costs when moving out of state. Here are a few tips and tricks for keeping your moving costs low.

  1. Purge and Declutter

One of the easiest ways to save money on your move is to declutter and get rid of unwanted items. Simply put, the less you have, the cheaper it is to move. Take the time to go through each room in your house and ask yourself if each item is something you really want to take with you. This is the perfect time to toss out broken or damaged items, and you can also set aside items you wish to donate or sell. Not only will decluttering help you minimize the amount of items you have to move, but you can also sell items to make a little extra cash for moving expenses.

2. Pack with Free Supplies

Another way to lower your moving expenses is to pack with free supplies. Start by asking friends, neighbors, or coworkers if they have any moving boxes they can give you. You can also stop by your local grocery, hardware store, warehouse store, or liquor stores to gather boxes for moving. More often than not, these stores have plenty of recyclable boxes that they are happy to give away. You can also use items around the house such as suitcases and overnight bags for packing. Use blankets, linens, towels, and pillows in place of packing paper and voila!-you have just saved yourself a ton of money on supplies!

3. Enlist the Help of Friends

Packing is a huge task and certainly one that could use some extra sets of hands. However, instead of hiring professional packers, ask your friends and family if they will help you. Paying for a few pizzas to recruit helpers is far cheaper than hiring a team of professionals.

4. Use a Portable Storage Company

Hiring professional movers to move your belongings to a new state can cost thousands of dollars. At the same time, handling everything on your own can be extremely stressful. Meet in the middle by packing everything yourself in a portable storage unit. Then, simply pay the storage company to transport your belongings to your new home. You can save a great deal of money by choosing portable storage over professional movers, and you also get to enjoy the flexibility of packing and unpacking on your own schedule.


5. Move During the Winter or on a Weekday

Like many other industries, moving has a busy season and it can cost you significantly more to move during peak season. Spring and summer are the busiest time of the year for moving, so you can expect to pay higher prices for movers and truck rentals during this time. Weekends also tend to be much busier than weekdays. That means, scheduling your move around less popular times, for instance when kids are in school and the weather is cold, can save you a lot of money.

6. Rent a Moving Truck

If you are moving with fewer items or you just like the idea of doing things yourself, you can save money by renting a truck and driving yourself. Though this is not ideal for larger moves or for people who are moving in a hurry, it might work for some people. It is definitely much cheaper than hiring professional movers. Just remember to rent the truck in advance, as the closer you are to your moving date the more you will pay. You should also try to avoid renting a truck on weekends or holidays, as these are often busier times and will result in higher fees.

Dusty Rhodes