8 Ways Social Media Can Help Sell a House

by Dusty Rhodes on Dec 30, 2021  in 
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These days it seems as though success in any industry is impossible without the help of social media, and real estate is no exception. The majority of people looking to buy a home begin with the internet and they are likely to utilize social networking sites to broaden their search. Social media platforms are an easy way to advertise your home and ensure people see it. Selling a house can be a challenging process so it’s important to use all available resources to help you sell as quickly as possible. Here are just a few benefits of using social media to help sell your house.

1. Reach More Serious Buyers

Social media marketing is very effective because it gives agents the ability to target people who are actively looking for a home. Traditional marketing methods such as print, mail, or paper ads are sent to a mass audience who may or may not be in the market to move. Social media marketing on the other hand zeros in on a much smaller audience that is highly considering purchasing a new home. Furthermore, social media can easily be shared with other people which allows you to reach a much larger pool of potential buyers.

2. It Incorporates Video

Social media platforms are popular because they make it easy to incorporate powerful visuals such as videos. Users can easily post photo and video tours of their home. Videos really captivate a viewer’s attention better than photographs because it gives them a better idea of what the home looks like and how it is laid out. When it comes to selling a home, stunning visuals are key and social media delivers in that area.

3. You Can Use Hashtags

Hashtags are more than just a cute way to end your post. They actually help you gain more exposure so your post can be discovered on several forums. Hashtags help you connect with people who are interested in buying a home.

4. You Can Use the Power of Friends

Social media is a great way to connect with friends and family and share information with them. Therefore, if you have a friend that is interested in buying a home, you can easily share your post with them. Likewise, your friends can easily share your post with their friends who might be house hunting.


5. You Can Advertise Your Home Before it is Listed

Social media is a great way to give potential buyers a sneak peek of your home before it is listed. In fact, you may actually end up getting a few early showings or possibly even a sale out of it. This is a highly effective way to drum up excitement and promote your home, which could result in multiple showings and even a bidding war.

6. Sell Without a Realtor

For those who are looking to go the FSBO route, social media can be a great tool for generating leads. Social media makes it easy to post pictures, videos, and detailed information about a home without the need for a realtor.

7. You Can Speak Directly with the Seller

Another unique feature to social media is the ability to direct message the seller. Potential buyers can reach out to the seller directly to ask questions about the property. This direct form of communication can make it much easier for sellers to connect with interested buyers and answer any questions they may have.

8. You Can Share as Often as You Want

When you shop for a home on the MLS, the most recent homes are always listed first. This means that a potential buyer might have to scroll through multiple pages of listings before they ever get to your house. Social media, however, makes it easy to keep your listing relevant because you can keep posting on a regular basis. This helps to ensure your house remains at the top in search results.


Dusty Rhodes