4 Holiday Gift Ideas You Can Store in a Portable Storage Unit

by Dusty Rhodes on Nov 10, 2021  in 
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The holidays are upon us and that means it’s that time of year to gather with family and friends for food, parties, and festivities. Of course, it’s also time to start shopping for that perfect holiday gift. For some, this can also mean coming up with a strategy for hiding presents from clever kids and sneaky adults. Kids are naturally curious creatures and they are bound to search your home to try and get a sneak peek at their holiday surprises. Even your spouse might be tempted to snoop out those poorly hidden gifts. However, you may not have room in your home for that perfect hiding spot. What’s more, large or bulky items can be especially difficult to hide because of their shape and size. Save yourself the stress and keep your holiday gifts a surprise by utilizing a portable storage unit to store your large holiday gifts. Here are four gift ideas that would be perfect for hiding in a portable storage unit.

1 Bike

Every child dreams of waking up on Christmas morning to find a brand new bike under the tree. Just imagine the excitement on their face when they walk in and see a new bike! A bike is a popular and fantastic gift for children of all ages and even adults. However, bikes are large and cumbersome and they can be extremely difficult to hide. Unlike smaller gifts that can be tucked under a bed or hidden in a closet, a bike is much more difficult to hide. If you have a bike on your holiday shopping list this year, consider storing it in a portable storage unit so you can surprise that special someone on Christmas morning!

2 Large TV

The holidays are the perfect time to score big savings on large flat-screen TV’s. This can be a great gift for the football fanatic on your holiday list. What could be better than unwrapping a brand new big screen TV just in time for football season? TV’s are popular holiday gifts but they can also be extremely difficult to hide. There’s very few places in your home where you can stash such a huge box. A portable storage unit is the perfect solution for hiding your flat-screen TV. You can rest assured that your TV is safe and secure, and no one will find your holiday surprise.

3 Exercise Equipment

Home gyms are becoming more popular than ever and if you have a fitness guru on your holiday list, you might be planning to purchase a piece of exercise equipment for Christmas. Treadmills, elliptical machines, stationary bikes, and weight benches can make great gifts for that exercise enthusiast in your life. The only problem is where to hide such a large gift. The answer- a portable storage unit. You can go ahead and have your holiday gift fully assembled and safely tucked away in storage where it will remain a surprise until Christmas morning.

4 Basketball Goal

Are you planning to surprise your little basketball player with their own goal this Christmas? What a fun and exciting gift for the basketball lover in your life! You can be sure and keep this exciting gift a surprise, despite its large size, by storing it in a portable storage unit. No need to worry about trying to lug this giant, heavy box in and out of your attic. This year, simplify your holidays and keep your gift a surprise by using a portable storage unit.

Dusty Rhodes