A Guide on Temporary Storage for Furniture

by Dusty Rhodes on Sep 15, 2021  in 
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There are several reasons why you may need temporary storage for your furniture. Perhaps you are moving and your new house isn’t quite ready. It might be that you are renovating and you need a place to store your furniture during the remodeling process. You may even be downsizing and in need of a temporary storage solution for some of your furniture. Whatever the reason, you will find that renting a portable storage container is the best option for your needs. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of using a portable storage container for your temporary storage needs.


If you are looking for a place to store your furniture for a short period of time, a portable storage container is your most convenient option. That’s because they are delivered directly to your door, so you can load your belongings right there on site. On-site storage makes for easy and uneasy loading, as well as convenient access to your belongings should you need to retrieve them from storage. Hiring movers can be costly and renting a truck and moving your belongings to an off-site facility can be troublesome and time-consuming. For temporary storage, it’s hard to beat the convenience of a portable storage container.


Another benefit of using a portable storage container to store your furniture is security. These containers have special safety features such as a tamper proof lockbox to ensure your belongings are safely secured inside. This means you never have to worry about someone breaking into your container. What’s more, these durable containers are built to withstand the harsh outdoor elements and are wind and water resistant.


Portable storage containers offer an affordable solution for your temporary storage needs. Your other option would be to rent a moving truck, pay for the gas, pay for the mileage, and then pay for a storage unit at a facility. You would have to rent the truck twice, once to load your furniture and then again to unload it. Why spend all of this extra money when you can have the convenience of a portable storage container for one affordable price?

How Much Storage Will You Need?

One of the many benefits of portable storage containers is that they come in a variety of sizes so you don’t have to worry about paying for storage you don’t need. Once you know how much furniture you will be storing, you can then determine what size container will best fit your needs.

Why Use a Storage Container?

There are many reasons why people need temporary storage for their furniture. Here are a few of the most common scenarios:


Moving: If you are moving and you will be in-between homes temporarily, you could benefit from a portable storage container. This might occur if you are building a new home, your closing date has been pushed back, you are living in an apartment temporarily, or you are renovating your new home.


Home Staging: Many people like to take advantage of a portable storage container when they are staging their home to sell it. A portable storage container is a perfect solution for storing excess furniture or personal belongings in order to stage your home.


College Students: Perhaps you have a college student moving home for a break or a semester. You may need a storage solution to temporarily store their furniture until they return to school.


Home Renovations: Oftentimes people need to remove furniture from their home during a renovation and a portable storage container provides an ideal on-site solution.

Dusty Rhodes