Where to Donate Clothes When Moving?

by Dusty Rhodes on Jun 23, 2021  in 
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Moving is the perfect time to declutter your belongings and get rid of things you no longer want or need. For many people, this starts with clothing. As you pack your clothes to move, you are sure to come across items that don’t quite fit, are no longer in style, or that your kids have outgrown. There’s no sense in packing things you don’t want, so now is the time to gather up your unwanted clothing and shoes and consider donating it to a local charity. Not only will you be lightening your load, but you will be helping others in the process. Donating clothing is a great way to make a difference, and there are many organizations that will gladly accept your gently used clothing. If you’re wondering where you can donate clothing before a move, here are a few great options.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is an international organization that accepts donations to help people in need all across the world. You are probably most familiar with their red kettles during the holidays, but the Salvation Army also accepts gently used household goods and clothing that is then used to help a number of people from domestic abuse victims to disaster relief to those overcoming addictions. You can contribute to this wonderful mission by donating your gently used clothing.


Goodwill is among the most well-known charitable organizations where you can donate clothing. When you drop off clothing at Goodwill, it is then sold into one of their many retail stores where shoppers can purchase the items for an affordable price, Furthemore, these retail stores provide employment and job training skills for those in need.

A Women’s Shelter

A great place to donate women and children’s clothing is at a local women’s shelter. These shelters provide a safe place where women can go to seek refuge from abusive or dangerous situations. Many of the women and children come in a hurry and bring nothing so they are in desperate need of clothing for themselves and their children.

A Homeless Shelter

Another great option is to drop off your clothing at a local homeless shelter. There are likely many crisis or homeless shelters in your area that are in need of clothing for individuals seeking refuge from the streets, escaping dangerous situations, are disabled, or are homeless.

Churches or Religious Organizations

Many local churches or religious organizations work with charities to provide clothing and necessities to those in need. They often put together clothing drives to help families in need and your clothing could be a huge help. You can usually call around to find out which churches are collecting donations and find out when and where to drop them off.

Clothing for Veterans

If you are looking to donate your clothing to a charity that helps American veterans you should check out your local veteran clothing pick-up. Typically this organization will schedule a time to pick up your donations and you simply place them on your doorstep.


Looking to donate old shoes? Soles4Souls is an incredible organization that works to provide gently used shoes to those in need. They have donated over 50 million pairs of shoes in over 127 different countries and provide relief to those in need. You can aid in their efforts by donating your old shoes to this fantastic charity.

Dusty Rhodes