Spring Cleaning Hacks to Declutter Your Home

by Dusty Rhodes on Apr 30, 2021  in 
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spring cleaning hacks


Spring has sprung, which means it’s time to give your home a good deep clean. Something about the warm, sunny days makes us want to get our home in tip-top shape and ready for those summer days ahead. Not only is it a great way to enjoy a clean and organized environment, but spring cleaning helps us to feel refreshed and revitalized as well.


 Although this is a task on many homeowners’ agendas, many people feel overwhelmed by taking on such a monumental task. In order to make this year’s spring cleaning a bit more enjoyable, consider these fantastic spring cleaning hacks that are sure to make the job a little easier.


Make Your Own Cleaning Solution

Most people would agree that their kitchen could use a good scrub, but you might not know that you have the perfect cleaning ingredient sitting in your cabinet. Vinegar is a popular natural cleaning solution that offers antibacterial and deodorizing properties for a very low price. Simply mix one part vinegar with one part water to create a cleaning solution that is perfect for anywhere in your kitchen. Use it on countertops, stovetops, inside the refrigerator, and even inside the microwave to remove grease and grimy stains.  You can even use this DIY cleaning solution in the bathroom to shine your shower head, mirrors, and bathroom fixtures. Finally, this incredible little solution is perfect for cleaning your windows. Tip: be sure to clean your windows on a cloudy day because if they dry too quickly in the sun, it will leave streaks.


Rent a Portable Storage Unit to Declutter

There is nothing quite as satisfying as purging and decluttering those unorganized rooms in the house and the best way to do this is by removing everything from one room at a time. The problem, however, is where to put your belongings while you are sorting through everything. A portable storage unit is the perfect solution for getting items out of the way in order to truly declutter your space. Simply store everything inside the unit so you can thoroughly clean each room, and then only put back the items you plan to keep. A portable storage unit makes the process so much easier!


Organize Your Refrigerator with a Lazy Susan

Over time we all tend to collect condiments, dressings, jams, pickles, and other jars inside our refrigerators. If one or more of these items leaks or spills, it can lead to a gunky sticky mess inside our refrigerator. Not to mention it’s nearly impossible to see all the way in the back of the fridge to see exactly what is in there. At some point, we have all gotten frustrated as we searched through the endless variety of jars and bottles in our refrigerator to find a specific item. Solve this problem by adding a lazy susan to each shelf in your refrigerator. If you are already taking everything out of your refrigerator for a good scrub, place your contents on a lazy susan as you restock. This will cut down on spills and make it easier to find what you need.


Dust with Dryer Sheets

Did you know that dryer sheets do more than just make your clothes soft and fragrant? They are actually a cheap substitute for more expensive electrostatic cloths and they work just as well. Unlike a dry cloth, dryer sheets actually collect dust and leave behind a residue that also repels dust. Perfect for shelves, ceiling fans, baseboards, window sills, and blinds, they will leave each room dust free and smelling fresh!


Remove Water Stains with Lemon

Do you have stubborn stains left behind in your sinks, tubs, and shower? If so, get them sparkling clean by rubbing a lemon half on the water stains. The citric acid in the lemon helps to remove water stains while also leaving a nice fresh scent behind. 


Dusty Rhodes