How to Pack Jewelry for Moving

by Dusty Rhodes on Apr 14, 2021  in 
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how to pack jewlery


When you think about all of the things that have to be packed for a move, jewelry might seem pretty far down on the list. However, untangling multiple necklaces and bracelets can be extremely frustrating. Not to mention, moving precious jewelry requires the utmost care and attention. Not only is it important to be sure your valuable jewelry is safe during transport, but dealing with a muddled mess of tangled necklaces can take hours to fix- and that’s the last thing you have time for when you’re moving.


Whether your jewelry is worth a few dollars or a few thousand dollars, you want to be sure you keep it safe, neat, and organized during your move. Consider the following tips and tricks for packing and moving jewelry.

Necklaces and Bracelets

When it comes to packing necklaces and bracelets, the goal is to prevent tangling. There are a few great hacks for preventing tangling as you pack your jewelry.


Straws or Toilet Paper Rolls

If you want to keep your necklaces and bracelets from ending up in a jumbled mess, try using straws to keep them neat and organized. Simply slip the chain through the straw and clasp it at the other side. You can even do a couple multiple necklaces on the same straw. For chunkier necklaces and bracelets, toilet paper rolls are a perfect fit. Once you have successfully threaded your necklaces and bracelets, place each straw or toilet paper roll in a separate plastic bag.


Plastic Hangers

Another easy way to pack necklaces and bracelets is to use a plastic hanger. Simply wrap the necklace or bracelet around the bottom of the hanger and place the hanger in a thin luggage compartment for safe keeping.


You want to be sure you keep your earrings in pairs so you don’t lose an earring during the moving process.


Egg Carton

Egg cartons are actually great for rings and earrings. Simply place your earrings in each compartment and seal the egg carton tightly with plastic wrap. Voila! Your earrings stay neatly organized throughout the move.


Pill Organizer

A pill organizer is another great way to move earrings and keep pairs together.


Foam or Business Cards

Lastly, a sheet of foam or business cards will do the trick when it comes to packing earrings. Simply pierce each earring through the foam or business card and secure it in place using the earring back or a piece of tape. Once you have placed all of your earrings on the foam or business card, simply place it in a large plastic bag.



Rings are the easiest jewelry to pack, as they won’t get tangled and they don’t require a pair.


Sunglass Case

A hard sunglass case is the perfect solution for packing rings. Once you have placed your rings inside, simply secure it in place by wrapping a few rubber bands around the sunglass case.


Pill Boxes or Tackle Boxes

Plastic pill boxes or fish tackling boxes are also great for packing rings and other small jewelry. The individual compartments keep each item neatly organized so it will be easy to find when it comes time to unpack.

Valuables and Heirlooms

The last thing you want is to lose expensive pieces of jewelry or sentimental family heirlooms during the moving process. If possible, plan to carry these items with you and keep them with you at all times during the move. It is best to avoid packing these precious items on a moving truck or in a storage container and instead keep them close by so you don’t lose track of them.

Dusty Rhodes