How to Store Comic Books to Keep in Mint Condition

by Dusty Rhodes on Feb 22, 2021  in 
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Comic books are a fun way to enjoy the childhood adventures of beloved superheroes. Whether you are an avid collector of vintage comics or you are just beginning to start your collection, it’s important to make sure you store them properly when you move so they remain in mint condition.


In addition to collecting comics for fun, there is also a robust market for used comic books and you can really make some money if your collection is well preserved.


Whether you are looking to sell your comics one day or you just want to be sure they are safely secured during your move, consider the following tips for properly storing your comic book collection.

Always Handle with Care

If you are in the process of moving, you will need to gather your comic books and pack them safely. It is important to remember to take precautions when handling your comic books.


Be sure and wash your hands before packing up and storing your collection. Any dirt or grime on your hands could be easily transferred to your comic books.


You should even consider wearing gloves when handling comics that are valuable.

Support the Backs

In order to prevent your comic books from bending while in storage, it is important to use an appropriately sized backing board to support the spine of the comic.


Backing boards are cardboard pieces that have been cut to fit the size of your comic book and they will prevent your comics from bending and slouching while in their protective sleeve.


For special or valuable comics, many collectors opt to use a plastic hardshell cover to protect their collection. Although it does cost a bit more, it will provide superior protection for your most valuable comics.

Place Them in Sleeves

Once your comics have the appropriate backing, it is time to bag them up using protective mylar sleeves.


These sleeves will minimize the amount of air that touches your comic books, potential causing the pages to yellow.

Mylar bags are a bit pricier than other plastic sleeves but they aren't as flimsy and they will provide additional protection.

Use Archival Comic Boxes

The best boxes for your comic book collection are acid-free archival comic boxes. They are designed specifically for comic book storage and they are even ideal for long-term storage in a storage unit. These dimensions of these boxes are the perfect size for comic books and they are sturdy enough to provide an additional layer of protection for moving and storage. 


Store in the Right Environment

Comic books should always be stored in an area that is dry and maintains a steady temperature between 60 and 70 degrees. Temperatures that are too hot or humidity levels that are too high can cause the pages to warp and become discolored.


If you plan to store your comic book collection for a long period of time in a storage unit, be sure to choose a climate-controlled unit to maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels. You also want to store them off the ground so they will not be damaged from water.

Dusty Rhodes