Should You Use Moving Boxes or Plastic Bins?

by Dusty Rhodes on Feb 18, 2021  in 
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plastic or paper

Paper or plastic? While that question is typically asked at a grocery store, it is also relevant when it comes to moving and storage.

Is it better to pack your belongings in cardboard moving boxes or plastic bins?

The short answer is, it depends.

There are several things to consider when deciding whether or not to use moving boxes or plastic bins. It is important to consider all of your options so you can make sure your belongings are safe and secure when you are moving or placing them in storage.

Plastic Bins: Pros and Cons and When to Use Them

Plastic bins are a common choice for packing and storing items and they can be purchased at a variety of stores. They come in various sizes and often include detachable lids.


Advantages of Plastic Bins:
* They are easily available and come in a variety of sizes.

* Since they are made of thick plastic, they are certainly very durable.

* Plastic is waterproof and when closed with a lid can create a watertight seal.

* They last longer than cardboard and can be used again and again.

* They come in a variety of colors, making it easy to organize and color code your belongings.

* They stack easily.

* Insects and pests cannot get inside plastic containers.

* Since they come with a detachable lid, you do not need to purchase adhesive tape.

* They do not have to be put together, which can save you time on packing and moving.

* You can easily open them and close them to check the contents or add and remove items.

Disadvantages of plastic bins:
* They are significantly more expensive than cardboard boxes.

* They are generally larger and take up more space than cardboard boxes.

* If too much weight is placed on top of them, they can crack and break.

When to use plastic bins:

Plastic bins are great for home storage or long-term storage in a storage unit. They are perfect for things like seasonal decorations, clothing, party decorations, and other items that you might like to store and then access again at a later time. If you are moving, however, you are likely going to need several boxes and plastic bins can be quite expensive for short-term storage.


Dusty Rhodes