How to Pack Shoes for Moving a Step-by-Step Guide

by Dusty Rhodes on Jan 06, 2021  in 


Moving is a big job that requires careful planning. Perhaps the most tedious part of moving is packing all of your belongings. Among those many items to be packed are your shoes. Believe it or not, footwear can be one of the most difficult items to pack because of the various shapes and sizes. If you simply toss all of your shoes in a bag, chances are they will end up losing their shape and getting damaged in the process.


To avoid smashing, tearing, or deforming your footwear during a move, you need to know how to pack your shoes the right way. Here are some helpful tips for packing your shoes for a move.

Sort Your Shoes

1. The first step in preparing to pack your shoes is to sort through all of the pairs you have and decide which ones are worth moving to your new home. Chances are you have some old shoes that are worn out or damaged beyond repair. This is a good time to toss out those old shoes prior to your move. You can also set aside any shoes that you don’t wear anymore or that your children have outgrown so they can be donated.


2. Next, it’s time to group your shoes by type: sneakers, high-heels, boots, flip-flops, slippers, leather shoes, etc. Having your shoes categorized will help you stay organized throughout the packing process.

Prepare Your Shoes for Packing

1. Check to see if any of your shoes are in need of repair like replacing the soles, fixing zippers, or replacing the laces. This will prevent further damage and save you the hassle of having to fix your shoes at a later time.


2. Make sure your shoes are clean by wiping them down and removing dirt, mud, or any pebbles that might be embedded in the soles. Make sure your shoes are completely dry before packing them, as any moisture trapped inside could cause mold. You certainly don’t want to unpack dirty and smelly boxes.


3. Stuff your shoes with crumpled paper to help them keep their shape and prevent them from being squished during the move. Avoid crumpled newspapers or magazines, however, as the ink could result in stains. If you don’t want to purchase packing paper, paper towels are an economical choice.


4. It is recommended to wrap expensive dress shoes individually in clean paper to protect them from scuffs and scratches. You should also wrap stiletto heels in bubble wrap to prevent breakage.


5. Alternate the direction of each shoe when you place it in the box and fill any empty space with crumpled paper.


6. Finally, you want to gather boxes for packing your shoes. If possible, pack each pair in its original box. If you don’t have the original box, you can also purchase plastic shoe boxes or use small to medium sized boxes that would be appropriate for a pair of shoes.

Packing Tips

1. Always pack your shoes in pairs and pack them in separate boxes. Not only does this ensure each pair stays together, but it prevents shoes from smashing or scratching one another causing damage.


2. Never press push on your shoes to stuff them in a box. This can distort their shape and damage the surface.


3. If you are packing several shoe boxes in one container, be sure and place the heaviest shoes at the bottom of the box. You also want to be careful not to pack too many pairs of shoes in the same box, as shoes can be heavy and the box will be difficult to carry.


4. Be careful not to stack other heavy boxes on top of your shoes when moving. Heavy boxes could smash your shoe box, causing damage to your shoes.


Following these steps will help your shoes to remain in good condition while in transport.

Dusty Rhodes