Expert Tips on Where to Store Your Holiday Decorations

by Dusty Rhodes on Dec 11, 2020  in 
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What to do with xmas decor

All across the country trees are being decorated, carols are being played, and lights are twinkling. That can only mean one thing: the holidays have arrived!


In addition to gathering with family and friends and shopping for loved ones, decorations are an important part of many families’ traditions. From Christmas trees and wreaths to outdoor lights and garland, many families look forward to decorating their homes for the holidays.


These decorations carry a great deal of meaning for so many, and that’s why it’s important to have a smart storage strategy to ensure these favorite holiday items are easy to locate and don’t get tangled, dirty, or damaged.

Don’t Waste Good Space

When determining where to store your holiday decorations, it’s important to keep in mind that you really only use them for about one month out of the year.


That means they will remain in storage for the other 11 months. Therefore, you don’t want to take up your main storage space with items that you only use once a year. Leave the space in your closets, under your bed, and in your main garage for those items you will use more frequently.


It’s certainly fine to stash your decorations in your garage, but if you do, place them on a shelf or high in the corner so they are out of your way during the rest of the year.


Another option is to keep your decorations in a storage unit, so you can save your much needed storage space at home for items you use all the time.

Consider the Conditions

When the holiday season is over, most people pack up their decorations and haul them back up to the attic or out to the garage. While this certainly does get them out of the way, it’s not exactly the ideal location to store your festive decor until next year.


Unfortunately, your attic and garage are subject to extreme temperature fluctuations, humidity, and even unwanted pests. While it’s perfectly fine to store some decorations in these areas, others are more sensitive to harsh conditions and can get ruined over time.


Here are a few items that CAN be stored safely in your garage or attic:

  • Ornaments (as long as they are packed carefully in an airtight container)
  • Dishes
  • Hardware (stocking holders, ornament hooks, wreath holders, etc.)
  • Inflatable decorations (stored in their original box and off the ground)
  • Bows, ribbons


Here are a few items that SHOULD NOT be stored in your garage or attic:

There are many Christmas decorations that should not be left in your garage or attic for long periods of time, as the harsh conditions can damage the items over time. The following items are better suited for a climate-controlled environment:


Artificial trees and wreaths: Christmas tree and wreath manufacturers do not recommend storing your artificial items in an uncontrolled temperature environment such as an attic or garage. Excessive heat and humidity can damage the tree or wreath and can cause discoloration. They are also susceptible to damage from moisture and pests if left in these areas. Your best bet is to place your artificial tree or wreath in a storage bag and place it in a climate controlled space such as an interior closet or storage unit.


Anything made of wood: There are countless decorations made of wood including ornaments, nativity scenes, and door hangers. Wooden decorations should be kept out of the attic or garage and stored in a climate-controlled environment. Heat and high humidity can damage these items over time.


Christmas lights: No holiday display is complete without lights and we have all experienced the frustration of pulling out our lights from the previous year only to find that half the strand no longer works. This may be due, in part, to where you are storing them. While the new LED lights are considered extremely durable, that doesn’t mean they can tolerate the extreme heat and humidity of an attic or garage. These searing temperatures are not conducive to lights and they can affect their longevity. Considering how expensive it can be to purchase new lights each year, your best bet is to store them properly to protect them for future use.

Consider Using a Storage Unit

It’s never fun packing up the fun and festive decorations as the holiday season ends. However, if you don’t store them properly, you risk breaking or damaging your favorite items. It can be impossible to replace decorations that hold sentimental value and it is very expensive to replace items year after year. For this reason, keep your holiday decorations well protected by storing them in a climate-controlled storage unit. Not only will this free up space in your home, but it will ensure your favorite holiday decorations are well-protected so they can be used year after year.

Dusty Rhodes