5 Benefits of Storing Your Lawn Equipment in a Portable Storage Unit ​

by Dusty Rhodes on Dec 11, 2020  in 
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Fall is upon us and that means it’s time to retire your lawn mower for the season. Now is the perfect time to begin preparing your lawn equipment for storage before the temperatures turn too cold. If you take proper care of your lawn mower and store it in a dry, secure place, you will be able to use it come spring with little or no effort. Lawn mowers certainly aren’t cheap so it’s important to take proper care of them so you can use them year after year. Portable storage units are the perfect storage solution for your lawn mower and here’s why.


Free Up Space in Your Garage

Lawn mowers can take up a lot of room when they are stored and they can take up much needed space in your garage or shed. Renting a portable storage unit is a great solution for storing your lawn mower and other lawn equipment during the winter months. Doing so will free up space in your garage or shed for other items that you will need during the winter months like snow shovels and a snow blower. It will also give you more room to park your car inside the garage and out of the winter weather.


Protection from Winter Weather

Winter brings with it snow, ice, and frigid temperatures and this brutal winter weather can wreak havoc on your lawn mower. The cold weather can make the steel and rubber brittle and moisture can find its way inside the mower causing it to rust or cause electrical damage. A portable storage unit is an ideal place to store your lawn mower to keep it dry and safe from moisture and freezing temperatures.


Protection from Cold Concrete Surfaces

Many people store their lawn mowers in their garage but the concrete surface can present problems during the cold winter months. When the tires of the lawn mower are exposed to cold concrete over a long period of time it can cause damage to the tires. Portable storage units have a wooden floor that is much warmer than the cold concrete in a garage and can offer superior protection from the harsh winter cold.


Storage Containers are Pest Proof

Even if you take all the right precautions when winterizing your mower you could still encounter problems from pesky rodents. These rodents come into places like sheds and garages to escape the winter cold and they can chew on wires and spark plugs. This can cause damage to your mower and you won’t be able to start it in the spring. Portable storage units provide added protection against pests and rodents so you can be sure your lawn mower is safe and secure.


Theft Protection

Every year thousands of homeowners fall victim to theft and lawn mowers are no exception. When lawn equipment is stored in a garage or shed it is more susceptible to theft. Thieves have been known to walk right inside someone’s garage or break into their shed to steal lawn equipment. A portable storage unit not only protects your lawn mower from winter weather and damage, but it also provides security from theft. You can lock your storage unit and enjoy peace of mind knowing your belongings are safe and secure inside the unit.

Dusty Rhodes