How to Declutter Your Home Office ​

by Dusty Rhodes on Oct 14, 2020  in 
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As the novel coronavirus continues to wreak havoc across the country, millions of Americans have found themselves working from home. That means people are spending more time than ever in their home office. Whether you have a dedicated room, an alcove, or a desk in your living room, a cluttered office space can increase stress and anxiety and decrease productivity. Even the most spacious offices can accumulate paper and clutter over time, and a good decluttering could be beneficial in getting you back on track. If you’re finding it hard to get things done and stay focused due to an unorganized office space, consider the following tips for decluttering your home office and regenerating your creativity and productivity.

Take It One Section At a Time

Decluttering your entire office at once can feel like an overwhelming task. Therefore, you can reduce your stress and intimidation by separating your office into “sections.” For example, one section might be the desktop area, another section might be the file cabinets, and another section might be the desk drawers. You don’t have to conquer the entire office in one day. By breaking it down into smaller sections, the task becomes more manageable.

Dump and Sort

The most efficient way to declutter your space is by removing everything from each section and sorting it. Start by removing any items that are unrelated to your work. Round up items like clothing, shoes, accessories, toys, small appliances, and other items that do not belong in the office. Next, get rid of any items you no longer use. This might include gadgets that are broken, files that are out of date, or paperwork that is no longer needed. You can also create piles for items you plan to sell or donate. Finally, sort the remaining items into categories that make sense to you. You might have a section of your most used items and another section for important papers and flies. Once all of the items have been sorted, create a “home” for each group of items.

Invest in Storage Containers

Oftentimes when we find ourselves putting things everywhere, it’s because we don’t have a specific place for it. Before piling your remaining items back on your desk, consider investing in file cabinets, drawers, boxes, and organizers so you have a special place for each item. Plastic crates, bins, and baskets are perfect for storing and labeling office supplies. You can also invest in floating shelves to add a little extra storage space and prevent clutter.

Digitize When Possible

Paper documents can stack up quickly and become overwhelming. In fact, paper is the number one item that clutters desks. Whether its bills, envelopes, receipts, or sticky notes, it’s important to be conscious about the paper you bring into your work space. The good news is that most paper documents can go digital. You can eliminate stacks of papers by digitizing receipts, bills, invoices, and other paper documents. Not only does this eliminate clutter in your office, but it also makes the documents accessible at the click of a button.

Label Each Area

Identify what will go in each area of the office and create labels to identify each space. Labeling makes it much easier to find what you are looking for and it also ensures everything gets put back in it’s designated spot.

Use a Desktop Organizer for Important and Urgent Papers

There will always be new things that need your attention right away and it’s easy to keep these items on hand with a desk top organizer. This keeps items neatly tucked out of the way but easily visible right from your workspace.

Continue Cleaning Regularly

Once you have worked hard to organize your home office, you want to keep it that way. Tidy up at the end of each work day and do a good dusting and cleaning once a week to ensure your home office stays neatly organized and clutter free.

Dusty Rhodes