3 Smart Reasons to Use a Portable Storage Unit for Moving ​

by Dusty Rhodes on Sep 04, 2020  in 
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Most people would agree that moving is one of the most challenging tasks, but thanks to portable storage companies, this process has never been easier. You can forget about the stress of finding a reliable moving company, rushing to move your entire house in a day, spending a chunk of your savings, and begging your friends for help. Portable storage containers simplify the process and allow homeowners to move at their own pace. These convenient containers minimize the stress of moving along with offering a host of other benefits. Here are just a few of the biggest advantages to moving with a portable storage unit.

It’s Cost Effective

Most people would agree that when it comes to moving, their budget matters. There are a number of expenses associated with moving so it’s no surprise that homeowners want to save money wherever they can. Portable storage units offer a much more affordable moving alternative compared to hiring professional movers. It can cost thousands of dollars to hire a moving company, as this financial burden can only add to the stress of moving. With a portable storage unit, all you pay for is the container rental and the delivery fee. You aren’t paying an entire team of movers to move your belongings. In addition, you have the option of choosing the container size that best fits your needs. Instead of paying a flat moving fee, you only pay for the storage you need.


It’s Flexible and Convenient

One of the smartest reasons to use a portable storage unit is that it offers unmatched convenience and flexibility. Unlike professional movers and rental trucks, homeowners aren’t forced to move their entire home in a day or two. Rather, portable storage units are delivered directly to your location where they will remain for as long as you need. This allows the homeowner to take their time packing and loading at their convenience. When they are ready, they simply call the storage company and their portable unit is picked up and delivered to their new home. Again, it can remain at this location for as long as needed, allowing plenty of time to unpack.


Local and National Delivery Options

If you have ever tried to move a long distance, you might have found that many moving companies don’t have the logistics necessary to handle this type of move. You probably also noticed that the ones who do, cost an arm and a leg. This is just another reason why portable storage units are a fantastic option. You can eliminate the stress of searching for a moving company and you have the option to keep the units for as long as needed. Not only does this make it easier to unpack at your own pace, but this can be a great place to store your belongings safely while you paint or renovate your new home. With so many great benefits, portable storage units are a great option for both local and national moves.

Dusty Rhodes