9 Reasons to Sell with a Real Estate Agent Instead of Yourself

by Dusty Rhodes on Aug 28, 2020  in 
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Dont Sell it Yourself


It’s understandable that homeowners want to save as much money as possible when moving, and that’s why some choose to go about the selling process on their own. However, selling a home takes a lot of work and not everyone has the extra time to devote to such a big task. At first glance the standard realtor’s commission fee of 6% can seem like a sizable amount of money. The “for sale by owner” method might look like a great way to save thousands of dollars, but here are nine reasons you should think again.


1. You Want Your Home in the MLS

The multiple listing service or MLS is a goldmine for sellers. Once your home gets listed in the MLS, it is sent out to dozens of onlines sites and reaches thousands of potential buyers. This ensures that your home gets seen and will dramatically increase the number of showings you will have. Your home can only be listed in the MLS with a licensed agent, so you are missing out on a huge pool of buyers when you choose the FSBO method.


2. Your Top Buyers Don’t Look at FSBO Listings

Statistics show that the average FSBO home sold for $200,000 compared to $280,000 for homes listed with an agent. That money you thought you would be saving on commission fees is actually lost on the sale price of your home. That’s because your ‘A’ list buyers don’t consider FSBO homes. Those people who come in town for the weekend to go house hunting or are desperate to buy because their home is under contract are typically your highest paying buyers and they aren’t looking into FSBO listings.


3. Realtors are Experts in the Local Market

There is a lot to consider when listing a home and most homeowners aren’t knowledgeable enough about the local market to make these decisions. For example, setting the right home price is like a shot in the dark when you don’t know what the average selling price is for other homes in the neighborhood. You could easily price your home too high or too low. Furthermore, homeowners might not be aware of zoning violations, school zones, flood zones and other housing codes.


4. Agents Market Your Listing

It takes more than putting a sign in your yard to sell your home and that’s where real estate agents come in. They understand how to market your home in order to sell it. They can make suggestions for staging your home, schedule open houses, create flyers, get your listing on the best websites, and make your home’s best features stand out in order to increase your chances of selling. This a time-consuming process and can quickly overwhelm homeowners.


5. They Can Negotiate Like a Pro

Negotiating is no easy task and a licensed real estate agent is going to appear much more credible and confident than a homeowner with little to no negotiating experience. Negotiations are a big part of home selling so you never want to be an amatuer at the negotiating table.


6. Real Estate Agents Have a Pool of Buyers

Not only is your real estate agent representing your home, but they may be representing several buyers as well. That means they may have the perfect buyer to bring to your home. They also work closely with fellow real estate agents to share listings that might work for their clients.


7. They Handle the Paperwork

In addition to packing your home, looking for a new home, working, and taking care of your kids and family, homeowners won’t want to deal with mounds of paperwork. One glance at the pages of contracts, addendums, and disclosures could send any homeowner into a frenzy. That’s why it’s best to let a real estate professional handle the paperwork for you.


8. Real Estate Agents Aren’t Emotionally Attached

Some homeowners get very emotional about their home. After all, this is the place where they first lived as a couple, brought home their baby, celebrated years of birthdays, and played catch in the front yard. This can make it difficult to sell their home to just any buyer. Real estate agents, on the other hand, see this is as a business transaction and can leave all the emotions out of it.


9. Realtors Reduce Stress and Ease the Process

Let’s face it...moving is stressful. Between packing up your entire house, looking for a new one, and trying to sell your own, things can get pretty hectic. Letting a professional handle the selling process can take a huge burden of the homeowner’s shoulders so they can focus on other things. 




Dusty Rhodes