8 Questions to Ask Buyers to Find Their Perfect New Home

by Dusty Rhodes on Aug 21, 2020  in 
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Ask the right questions


If you are in the process of helping your clients find the perfect home, it is imperative that you take some time to ask detailed questions and learn as much as possible about your clients’ needs. Your client is looking to you to assist them with one of the most important decisions they will make in their life, so you want to give them the attention they deserve. Any realtor knows that it can take weeks and even months of looking at house after house to find the right one for your buyer, so you can expedite the process by collecting some helpful information up front. Here are eight questions that realtors should ask their buyers before beginning their house hunt to ensure they find the perfect home.


1) What is your budget?

Just because your buyer can qualify for a $500,000 mortgage doesn’t mean they necessarily want to buy a $500,000 house. Likewise, many buyers don’t understand what their monthly mortgage payment will be based on the price of the home so it’s helpful to ask them how much they would like their mortgage payment to be. It is very important to know this information so you don’t end up wasting your clients’ (and your) time looking at homes that are out of the budget.


2) Do you have a specific location or neighborhood in mind?

Perhaps your buyer wants to be close to work or just a short drive from a family member. There are a number of reasons why a buyer might be drawn to a specific location or neighborhood. Find this out on the front end so you can narrow down your search.


3) Are you motivated by a specific school district?

This is a biggie and can be a deciding factor for many families. Schools are extremely important for many buyers and this can be the motivation for their move in the first place, so make sure you know if your buyer is looking to live in a certain school district.


4) Are you willing to renovate?

Some buyers are dead set on a move-in ready home and don’t want the hassle of renovations, while others might have more of an open mind. It’s important to ask this because you might be able to get your buyer a better deal in the neighborhood of their dreams if they are willing to put in a little bit of work.


5) What are the most important qualities to have in your home?

Real estate agents should have a clear understanding of their buyers’ must-haves before beginning the home search. For some, this might be an open concept floor plan, a fenced in yard, a specific number of bedrooms, or a large and updated kitchen. Whatever they may be, they are important to your buyer so it’s important to take note.


6) What are your “wants” in a home?

Agents should inquire about those extra perks that buyers would love to have if they could. Things like a swimming pool, hardwood floors, updated bathrooms, or an extra bonus room might be desirable for some buyers. Finding a home with some of these added perks can help you entice the buyer to look past some of the home’s flaws. After all, buyers should always be aware that they may need to be willing to compromise on some of those wants and needs.


7) Are there any other amenities you are looking for in a neighborhood or location?

Realtors always emphasize “location, location, location” so it’s definitely important to find out more about their buyer’s ideal location. Are they interested in being close to a park? Are they wanting a neighborhood swimming pool? Would they like to be close to restaurants and shopping? Perhaps they want to be just a short drive from work. These factors can be just as important as the features of the home so make sure you are well aware of what amenities your buyers are looking for.


8) Is there anything in particular that would be a deal breaker?

This is a very important question because there is no point in wasting everyone’s time looking at a home that is out of the question. Some buyers may refuse to buy a house with a pool while others might say that an HOA fee is a deal breaker. Gathering this information up front will save everyone time and help you to stay focused on the amenities that really matter to the buyer.


Dusty Rhodes