4 Truths to Understand When Using a Portable Storage Company

by Dusty Rhodes on Jul 22, 2020  in 
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The Truth About Portable Storage (2)

Portable storage containers are a great solution for moving, home renovations, or temporary on-site storage. They provide flexibility with packing and convenient access to your belongings which can be just what you need during a hectic move or a stressful home renovation. In addition to providing excellent storage, a portable storage container is easy to move to a new location. In order to help you book the container that is right for your needs, consider these important truths about portable storage companies.


They Are Versatile and Convenient

Portable storage containers are designed to work in a variety of locations for a variety of purposes, which is the main reason they are so appealing. They are delivered directly to your door and you have the flexibility to keep them for as long as you need. The container is conveniently located right on site so you don’t have to worry about driving back and forth to retrieve your belongings. Per your request, you can also have the container transported to a new home or location.


They Are Available in Different Sizes

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to portable storage containers. They are available in a variety of sizes so you only pay for the space you need. If you need assistance choosing the right size, simply call the storage company and speak with a representative. You should also take into consideration the size of your driveway or backyard.


They Are Safe and Weatherproof

When you are storing your belongings, you want to be sure they are safe from theft and/or damage. Portable storage containers are made of durable steel with an insulated core to protect your items from outdoor elements as well as temperature fluctuations. Each unit also can also be locked so only you have access to the items inside. You can rest assured your belongings will be safe and secure while inside the container.


They Are Cost-Effective

Contrary to popular belief, portable storage containers are an easy and affordable way to store your belongings. They are much cheaper than hiring professional movers and you don’t have to worry about paying mileage and rental on a moving truck. Also, they are typically cheaper per square foot compared to traditional storage units. In order to understand the full cost, be sure and ask the portable storage company about their storage, pickup and delivery fees.


Dusty Rhodes