6 Smart Reasons for Schools to Use Portable Storage Containers

by Dusty Rhodes on Jul 17, 2020  in 
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Many schools face the same challenges regarding storage space for teachers, students, and other faculty members. Unfortunately, most schools don’t have the budget to take on major renovations and additions. Portable storage containers offer a simple, convenient, and cost-effective solution for schools and campuses in need of additional space. In addition to providing additional storage space for equipment and supplies, they can also be set up as classrooms, labs, or meeting spaces for faculty and students. Here are 6 smart reasons why schools should consider portable storage containers.


Campus Renovations

Summer is the perfect time for schools to take on improvement projects and renovations. Whether it's a major construction renovation or minor projects such as painting, schools need storage solutions in order to move forward with campus renovations. Portable storage containers offer a convenient and affordable solution for storing desks, tables, and other furniture and supplies during projects and renovations.


Inventory and Supplies

Schools are constantly in need of additional space to store supplies such as textbooks, classroom furniture, medical supplies, athletic equipment, library books, and musical instruments. Whether your school’s excess inventory comes in the form of sporting goods, furniture, or office records, an on-site portable storage container provides a safe and economical way to store these items. And, because they are portable, they can be moved anywhere on campus for easy access.


Seasonal Storage

Whether it’s time for the school play or the annual fundraiser, portable storage containers are the perfect solution to storing everything from costumes and props to decorations and party supplies. Throughout the year, schools are involved in a number of activities such as parades, fundraisers, festivals, and plays and having an on-site storage container can make the planning and organizing process much easier.


Additional Classroom Space

Portable classrooms are a cost-effective way for schools to accommodate students and faculty without breaking the school’s budget. These portable containers can be set up as traditional classrooms, science labs, media centers, or even a library. They can be especially useful this year, as schools scramble to come up with a plan to adhere to social distancing guidelines. Most classrooms are not large enough to accommodate a full class of students with desks 6-feet apart so portable storage containers can provide additional classroom space for students and teachers.


Meeting Space

In addition to being used as classrooms, portable storage containers can act as a meeting space for after-school activities and clubs to meet, faculty, meetings, or additional office space. This provides a designated space for these meetings without taking over other areas of the school like the cafeteria and gymnasium.


Operations and Maintenance

From lawn mowers and tractors to ladders, tools, brooms, and cleaning supplies, it takes a lot of equipment to properly maintain a school campus. Portable storage containers provide the much needed space to store this equipment safely out of the way but easily accessible for staff.

Dusty Rhodes