How to Choose a New Paint Color for Your Living Room

by Dusty Rhodes on Jul 01, 2020  in 
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With the vast array of paint color available, it can be hard to decide which one is right for your living room. However, if you make the wrong choice, it could end up costing you more than just a gallon of paint. It can be expensive to rehire painters, not to mention potential buyers can also be put off by the wrong color. If you want to avoid the hassle of having to redo the entire painting process, read on for tips on how to choose a living room paint color you’ll love.


Start with Your Current Theme and Furnishings

Unless you plan to replace your flooring and furniture, you will need to factor in your current decor when picking a paint color. Consider the colors of your furniture, rugs, and flooring and try to look for a color that will complement your furnishings well. Furthermore, consider the style of your room. Is your room country and rustic or modern and formal? You will need to choose a color that’s reflective of the personality and style of the home.


Choose a Favorite Accessory

Look for a favorite rug, pillow, or fabric you own. Often these objects are your favorite because the colors appeal to you. Use the combination of these colors as inspiration for your wall. It’s also helpful to look for the largest pattern in the room from a couch or rug and pull colors from that.


Get Inspired

There are tons of ways to look for inspiration for your living room. Pinterest, Google, and Houzz are great online resources and can help you find a design you love. You can also browse through magazines to determine what color scheme appeals to you. Get a few ideas in your mind before heading to the paint store.


Avoid Bright Colors

There is nothing wrong with adding color to your home but it’s best to add color through accessories. For instance, if you love the color green you don’t have to cover your walls in bright green paint. Instead, choose a neutral color that compliments green well and add hues of green through the use of pillows, rugs, and artwork. If you do prefer a brighter color for your wall, make sure your furnishings and the rest of the room is neutral.


Consider the Entire Home

Even though you are only picking a color for your living room, you need to think about the rest of the house. You wouldn’t want your living room to be blue if the rest of your house is beige. You want the colors to flow easily from one room to another so be sure to pick a color that complements the entire house.


Understand the Psychology of Color

Believe it or not, the colors you choose will heavily influence the mood of the room. For instance, soft, cool colors are calming and relaxing while warm, bright colors are better suited for a lively atmosphere. Therefore, think about the purpose of the space. If your goal is to create a warm and inviting space, consider warm, earthy tones. If you want a relaxing and calmer space, consider cooler hues like green, purple, and blue.



Dusty Rhodes