A Realtor’s Safety Guide for Selling During COVID-19 ​

by Dusty Rhodes on May 22, 2020  in 
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The coronavirus has had a significant impact on a number of industries and the real estate industry is no exception. While some homeowners have decided to pull their homes off the market for a bit, many others have made the choice to push forward. This means realtors need to get creative to find safe ways to show and sell homes during this global pandemic. There are many new guidelines in place regarding social distancing that have changed the way realtors sell homes. Although COVID-19 may force realtors to take a different approach, it doesn’t mean the real estate market has to come to a halt. Consider these tips and tricks for safely selling a home during COVID-19.


Cancel Open Houses

Though it was once a popular method, selling a home during a pandemic means saying “goodbye” to packed open houses on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. With nearly every state issuing restrictions around gatherings of 10 or more people, open houses are a thing of the past (at least for now).


Offer Virtual Showings

During this time of uncertainty, some homeowners may feel uncomfortable about allowing people to walk through their home. Likewise, buyers may not want to be in and out of multiple homes. As a result, realtors should consider creating a video tour of the home as part of the selling process. A video tour gives buyers a chance to get a better sense of the home’s layout and features before scheduling an appointment to see it in person. This can help buyers eliminate the need to be visiting homes that aren’t right for their needs while also limiting the amount of traffic going through the seller’s home.


Only Show to Serious Buyers

This isn’t the time to be showing homes to people just for fun. Realtors should limit showings to buyers with pre-approval letters that are serious about making a purchase. Make sure the buyer has viewed the home’s photographs, virtual tour, and all of the home’s specs before scheduling an in-person showing.


Be Sure to Clean and Disinfect

Given the current circumstances, it might not be reasonable for homeowners to show their home at a moment’s notice. Make sure they have enough time to wipe the home down prior to any showings. Encourage sellers to clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, cabinet pulls, and counters and ask them to leave lights on to limit what visitors need to touch. It is also advisable for visitors to take their shoes off before entering the home and provide hand sanitizer for them to use before going inside. Once the showing is over, clean and disinfect thoroughly to lower exposure risk to the homeowners.


Use Tele-Conferencing and E-Signing When Possible

Realtors should conduct all negotiations over the phone and avoid unnecessary contact with buyers and sellers. If an offer comes in, realtors can handle it digitally. Technology makes it possible to sign contracts and documents through e-signing programs so there is no need to have clients come into the office.


Cancel if Necessary

Though you may be eager to sell a home, it’s not worth risking your health and the health of others. If the homeowners are ill or have been exposed to someone who is ill, follow guidelines regarding quarantine and avoid showing the home. Likewise, cancel appointments with buyers who are experiencing symptoms or have been in close contact with someone who might be ill.








Dusty Rhodes