7 Tips for Creating a Home Office

by Dusty Rhodes on May 08, 2020  in 
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With many companies implementing work-from-home policies amidst the coronavirus pandemic, many Americans have suddenly found themselves trying to juggle conference calls and digital meetings in a less than ideal workspace. While some may be lucky enough to have a full-fledged home office, many others are desperately trying to find a space where they can be productive and efficient. Since it appears many employees will be working from home for quite a while, here are a few tips for creating a home office that is functional and comfortable.


Choose a Dedicated Area

While it may sound appealing to work from your bed or couch, this probably isn’t the most productive space for working. Choose an area that is quiet and allows for some privacy. This is especially important if you share the home with a spouse or children. Consider a spare bedroom, kitchen nook, basement, or dining room where you will have space to set up a desk and workstation.


Set Up Proper Lighting

In order to be seen on zoom meetings and avoid unnecessary eyestrain, make sure your work space has sufficient lighting. Ideally, choose a spot near a window and consider adding a floor or table lamp for additional lighting.


Set Up a Desk or Table

If space allows, you may consider purchasing a work desk or moving a desk that you already have into the space. If you don’t have a separate room for a desk, choose a space with a table so you will have room to set up your computer, printer, tablet, and other accessories. Having a desk or table where you can spread out and stay organized will make a huge difference in productivity.


Remember Working Necessities

Make sure you have everything you are going to need to complete your work. This includes internet access, space for your computer, electrical outlets, USB charging ports, pens, notepads, and a printer/scanner/copier. You want to avoid constantly getting up to gather supplies and charge devices.


Choose a Comfortable Chair

If working from home was a sudden change, you may not be equipped with an office chair, but you can still find a solution. Look around your home for a comfortable chair that will allow you to work at your computer without hunching over. A chair with some cushion and back support is ideal. 


Block Out Distractions

While working from home has its perks, it also has its fair share of distractions. It can be tempting to watch TV, catch up on laundry, snack in the kitchen, and entertain the kids. Therefore, you want to avoid high traffic areas and steer clear from things that might compete for your attention such as laundry baskets, the kitchen sink, and TV. Try to keep distractions out of sight as much as possible to help you remain focused on your work.


Add Some Decor

Give yourself a comfortable and healthy environment where your creativity can shine and your mind can stay focused. Decorate the space with a few pictures, plants, and colorful art. This will add some personality to your workspace and make sitting there for lengthy periods of time more enjoyable. You might even consider adding an aromatherapy diffuser or candle to create a calmer and more relaxed space.





Dusty Rhodes