4 Reasons Portable Storage Units are Safe During Social Distancing

by Dusty Rhodes on Apr 17, 2020  in 
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As the country continues the fight against COVID-19, Americans are faced with new challenges every day and requirements for social distancing have made already stressful events like moving, even more complicated. Luckily, portable storage units are a safe alternative to traditional moving services and can make moving and storage easier during these difficult times. Whether you are looking for a safer way to move or you are in need of temporary storage, portable storage containers can meet your moving and storage needs even in the age of social distancing.


Delivery to Your Door

Home delivery services have become increasingly popular in the wake of new social distancing laws, and portable storage companies are no exception. If you are in need of a portable storage container, there is no need to leave your home and physically go into a building. Your order can be processed over the phone and the storage unit is delivered directly to your home. Customers are not required to greet their drivers, so the entire delivery is completely contactless. If you are moving to a new home, simply call and have your storage unit picked up and transported to your new location without ever coming into contact with another person.


Pay and Sign Online

All customers will have the opportunity to sign their rental agreements and other required documents online. They can also set up online payments so they never have to come into a facility or meet with a service professional in person. Contactless services make this a safe option for your moving and storage needs.


You are in Control

Social distancing is one of the most effective ways to avoid catching or spreading the virus, so it's important to choose a moving and storage service that minimizes human to human contact. Portable storage containers allow you to have complete control of your own move, avoiding any physical interaction with others. Your container is delivered with no human to human contact, and only you will be moving your belongings in and out of the storage unit.


Regular Cleaning and Sanitation

SMARTBOX Moving and Storage is committed to the health and safety of its associates and customers. That’s why we are taking extra steps to ensure our storage units are clean and disinfected. We regularly clean and sanitize all high-contact areas such as container door handles and locks before delivering them to our customers. We also encourage customers to disinfect these same areas on their own to ensure their storage containers are not contaminated. By implementing these safety and social distancing measures, we are able to safely continue serving our customers.

Dusty Rhodes