Everything You Need to Know about Moving During a Pandemic

by Dusty Rhodes on Apr 15, 2020  in 
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As the fight against coronavirus intensifies, Americans are urged to continue social distancing and self-quarantining to help contain the virus. This can make the moving process even more difficult than it already is. Though this is one of the most difficult times to move, many people have no choice but to move forward in the process. For those of you trying to move in the middle of this pandemic, consider these tips and suggestions to make your move as safe and easy as possible.


Health is the Number One Priority

While it may be tempting to move forward with your move, do consider the health and safety of you and your family first and foremost. If anyone in your family is in the high-risk category, consider postponing your move until the pandemic is over. If someone in your family is ill, be sure to continue following CDC guidelines regarding self-quarantining and reschedule your move if needed.


Look for Moving Services that Minimize Human Contact

Though you may not have been planning on a DIY move, health experts are advising social distancing practices in an effort to slow the spread of the virus. This means it is not an ideal time to be hiring professional movers to come into your home and move your belongings. Portable storage containers are a much safer option, as they require no contact with other people. You can have the storage containers delivered directly to your home and only you will handle your boxes and belongings.


Purchase New and Adequate Packing Materials

In an effort to avoid multiple trips to the store for boxes and packing materials, be sure and stock up on plenty of supplies at once. Furthermore, do not use recycled boxes from stores, friends, or neighbors. At this time, it is safer to purchase new boxes and packing materials.


Prepare a Backup Plan

With the details surrounding this pandemic changing every day, it is important to be prepared in case move in or move out dates should shift. You may want to consider portable storage containers as a backup plan in case you need to keep your belongings in storage for longer than anticipated.


Deep Clean Your New Home

Be sure and deep clean and sanitize your new home before moving in. Make sure you disinfect common areas and high touch surfaces before placing any furniture into the home. As you unpack, wipe down and spray your furniture and belongings with a disinfectant spray.


Stock Food and Medicines

It is important to make sure you have plenty of food, toiletries, and medical supplies on hand in your new home. Consider having groceries delivered to your new home and make sure you have all medications and necessary supplies. Take advantage of delivery services that can deliver the essential items that you need.


Dusty Rhodes